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Beekeeper Broad-minded combining strategic vision, Diplomacy ...

Barcelona - Barcelona

Joyeux Anniversaire / Lá Breithe Sásta Pascal Derrien

The Voyage by Charles Baudelaire · To Maxime du Camp · To a child who is fond of maps and engravings · The universe is the size of his immense hunger. · Ah! how vast is the world in the light of a lamp! · In memory's eyes how small the world is! · One morning we set out, our brai ...

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Sparkling Smile

What if she gives you her smile again ? · Is she gonna feel for a while without pain ? · What if you put her in your dreams tonight ? · Is she gonna stay until it's bright ? · What if you offer her your heart ? · Are you never gonna be apart ? · What if you try to pacify the butt ...

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عيد ميلاد سعيد يا صديقى العزيزHappy Birthday my Dear Friend Ali Anani

فلسفة الحياة · ‎أيها ذا الشاكي وما بك داء · ‎كيف تغدو اذا غدوت عليلا · ‎ان شر الجناة في الارض نفس · ‎تتوخى قبل الرحيل الرحيلا · ‎وترى الشوك في الورود وتعمى · ‎ان ترى فوقها الندى اكليلا · ‎هو عبء على الحياة ثقيل · ‎من يظن الحياة عبئاً ثقيلاً · ‎والذي نفسه بغير جمال · ‎لا يرى في ال ...

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Rip Johnny Hallyday (1943-2017)

December 9, 2017 / Paris - Place de la Madeleine · Jean-Philippe Léo Smet · (15 June 1943 – 6 December 2017), better known by his stage name · Johnny Hallyday · , was a French rock · and roll and pop singer and actor. In a career spanning 57 years, Hallyday completed 181 tours, h ...

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Happy Thanksgiving to my beBee's friends !

Albert Camus' speech at the Nobel Banquet at the City Hall in Stockholm, December 10, 1957 - Paragraph 7 · "Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but its task is perhaps even greater. It consists in preventing the ...

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A Single Breath

In the song of the bewitching sirens, · Chimeras, fables and bops, · Far from the treasures of moving sand, · Gold, spices and ribbons, · Come and share this ubiquity. · At the hour when the sun is saffron, · Deep water will help to understand, · Only that achievement · will prot ...

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Trust your Guts

That imminent clash, · Arrives without warning, · Stunning and blinding, · Stroboscopic as a flash. · Where Heart's decency · Commands respect, · To set that serene confidence. · It was a long way · With many pitfalls · As Niagara falls, · To feel that sway. · There's no fate, · ...

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The Flower Of Life

Soon a fourth winter, · No longer knowing what to do, · Plunged into this iron silence, · Count these stones out of glass. · Running through flashy memories, · To accept this mystery, · In order not to get rid of it, · Before you see your light again. · Originally written · in F ...

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生日快乐 Bonnie

Don't be discouraged, · Its hard to take courage · In a world full of rage. · Share through, · True beautiful thought ! · Against hearts close tightly, · Continue to shine brightly ! · Music : Madonna - Ray of Light (1998) · Happy birthday my Dear friend · Bonnie Au · , I am so p ...

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Gelukkige Verjaarsdag Gert !

That happens in secret, · Its halo of the unknown, · Always unexpected, · But deeply rooted, · In its perfect time, · Enlightened by its own, · As a new step, · Beyond your strenghts, · To lead yourself. · No direct music today, the upload doesn't work :( I really need to chang ...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna-Luisa Eversley !

In what is being given, · To you at this time, · Take this energy of living, · And deal with this alterity. · The more you give to feel fine, · It becomes your divine responsibility. · You will receive this light of heaven, · The more you feel your mankind ! · Let me wish You a w ...

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“When you hae ELIMINATED
the impossible,
whatever remains,
however improbable,
must be the


- Sherlock. Holmes

Unimpressed by Material Excess

It gets across the point if the earth really is alive, · If you were interviewing a butterfly, · Standing on the branch of an oak tree. · Now, a butterfly lives only for a few days, · But an oak tree can live for over a thousand years. · If you were to ask the butterfly: · Do you ...

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8 Dome VQ

The mythical Café del Mar opens its largest club in Barcelona - Port Forum

I am pleased to share with all Bees the Opening of Café del Mar Club Barcelona – Port Fòrvm May 27th 2017, the biggest Café del Mar in the whole world with four exclusive areas: The Pool Zone, The Club, The Restaurant and The Sky Terrace, plus the Sunset Experience on board in th ...

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Parental Alienation Syndrom

Your mum wants to be remembered to you, · That you do not love any more your dad, · I know that you don't think, · With this fear which we suppose · If you do not comply her, · But don't worry, · I know it is heavy, · My boy, don't cry, · Dry up your sadness, · No, I don't blame ...

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Innate Spiritual Values of the Soul

If you accept this woven fate, · So fearlessly you charge ahead, · There is no more time to hesitate. · Don't be despair in your head, · Live with any more regrets, · In the face of that certain hurt. · Don't mourn on this lost love that fell, · Gentleman doesn't go only to Hell, ...

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Morning expresso

You should rather stay inside, · Than being out tonight, · Just sipping coffee, · And nothing to look forward to her, · Savoring your healing attitude, · Even you are still dreaming of her. · Sometimes you are losing your cool, · With your everything, · You would give anything to ...

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54 Sp ; 2°

Time overshadow Action

The time has come, · Even your past is knocking again, · How many times, · Do you want to see your broken smile? · Just one second can change your belief, · Be careful, you can be fool, · But if you never try, · How can you believe that you are strong? · Time to forget and forgiv ...

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Listen shells moving · Back and forth, · Upon the shore of this · uncharted beach, · Catch that untractable · equanimity. · There are no more smiles, · Only ghostly shadows of · each, · In your loneliness of her · silence. · Erase the swirling shades · of your emotions, · As last ...

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Unexpected Cold Afternoon

The way she came in, · She glanced at you, · She drank her black tea, · She smiles at you, · To change your Satori, · As a new awakening ! · Picture : Paris 3rd arrondissement -Arts et Métiers District (2014) · "

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She comes to vibrate with you, · Without seeing already the meaning, · Since the time pure life thinking, · When it grows that winter afternoon, · In the reservation of the pleasure, · Simple without cruelty a life, · In the purity a dream as a treasure, · A life whole innocence ...

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    Investigador/a en Visión Artificial y Monitorización

    Encontrado en: Talent ES C2 - hace 20 horas

    LORTEK Ordizia, España Sin especificar

    LORTEK, S.COOP · Somos un Centro Tecnológico especializado en Tecnologías de Unión, Fabricación Aditiva Metálica y Tecnologías de Digitalización, integrados en la Alianza Tecnológica BRTA, junto con otros 16 centros de referencia en el ámbito tecnológico europeo. · En LORTEK gene ...

  • Temporing

    Computer Vision y programador

    Encontrado en: Trabajos Diarios ES C2 - hace 6 días

    Temporing Martorell, España De jornada completa

    Desde Temporing seleccionamos a un/a Computer Vision y programador para una importante empresa del sector del metalúrgico ubicada en Martorell. · Funciones: · -Definición, desarrollo e implantación de soluciones de Inteligencia Artificial basadas en Visión por Computador. · -Dise ...

  • Ulma Packaging

    Técnico/A Visión Artificial

    Encontrado en: Buscojobs ES C2 - hace 6 días

    Ulma Packaging Álava, España

    de la oferta COMETIDO DEL PUESTO: Proporcionar asesoramiento sobre sistemas de visión artificial a diferentes áreas de la organización (preventa, OT, fabricación y posventa) y ejercer de interlocutor técnico con proveedores. FUNCIONES:-Liderar la relación con proveedores de siste ...

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