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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna-Luisa Eversley !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna-Luisa Eversley !

In what is being given,

To you at this time,

Take this energy of living,

And deal with this alterity.

The more you give to feel fine,

It becomes your divine responsibility.

You will receive this light of heaven,

The more you feel your mankind !

Let me wish You a wonderful Happy Birthday Donna-Luisa Eversley as one of your Cheerleaders  ;)"
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CityVP Manjit

hace 4 años #3

Laurent we both have our beBee on. I just don't like referring to Facebook as FB, I much prefer "Faecesbook" and then FB has a new context, much like the letters BS does not and has never meant Bachelor Science, Balance Scorecard, Business Strategy or Business School.

Laurent Boscherini

hace 4 años #2

You are so funny as always wise CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit ;) I am only flying on beBee and sometimes on maxi 2 or 3 others media plateforms, but not FB !

CityVP Manjit

hace 4 años #1

Laurent in this day of birthday notifications on social media it makes a great change to have a human being put mind to someone's birthday. I am a 10CC fan so it is easy to know the first song I think of when I hear the name Donna, so naturally it is "Donna" So happy birthday to Donna and good on you Laurent to take the lead on a personalized message, it sure beats an algorithm. BTW If you join my Facebook please do note that I am not 61 years old and I was not born 30 September 1955 - in fact my use of James Dean photo's on my Facebook page is the clue here - because I don't think it is any business of Facebook to have my actual birth date other than confirm that I am older than 13 years of age for legal purposes. How this Facebook data found its way into my beBee profile is deeply mystifying because here at beBee I found to my chagrin that my birthday had been entered by someone or at least synced with data from another social media source. In any case when job applications are submitted in my country, it is illegal for Human Resource departments to ask for my birth date on a job application - so why does it make it all right to have it online? Anyway back to Donna - yes indeed again Happy Birthday Donna !!!

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