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Parental Alienation Syndrom

Parental Alienation Syndrom

Your mum wants to be remembered to you,

That you do not love any more your dad,

I know that you don't think,

With this fear which we suppose

If you do not comply her,

But don't worry,

I know it is heavy,

My boy, don't cry,

Dry up your sadness,

No, I don't blame you.

Listen your inner voice,

Time will proved us to be right,

And keep us close for ever.

I will always be there for you,

My son, wherever you are. 

Someday you will understand better,

You will be free of your own choices,

And I know that this day,

We will be together as before,

With the pride and the happiness

which build our lives and more.

Music :  Noa (Achinoam Nini) - "Beautiful that Way" on a sand art clip by Ilana Yahav

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