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Goal of the Month Editorial | December 2021. Peace / Development / Human Rights.

José Toledo · #Standup4humanrights #SDGs  https://un.org/sustainabledevelopment/goal-of-the-month/

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Lucia Giurgeca - Human Rights

Lucia Giurgeca ·  Human Rights · Can human rights survive COVID-19? As it becomes more likely that the virus will affect us in multiple waves in the coming years, governments are grappling with what to do to minimize mortality until a vaccine is created. · Many of us have become familiar with the ...

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Lucia Giurgeca - Human Rights - Derechos Humanos

Lucia Giurgeca · Human Rights in Romania · In Romania, conceptions regarding human rights and their protection system were crystallized and were promoted under the influence of humanistic ideas on human freedom and equality promoted at European and international level and were developed once with ...

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Human Rights

Lucia Giurgeca · Lucia Giurgeca - Human Rights · Individually, perhaps none of us will save the world. But all of us can serve the world. Together, we can have impact. It takes moral courage, but we can stand up for others, voice the common good, act to support inclusion, equality, and human dig ...

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