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Sebastian Ochoa

Sebastian Ochoa

Full Stack Developer

Servicios ofrecidos: Next.js , redux , Python , Mongoose , Node.js , Firebase , React.js , Express.js , JavaScript , Stripe , Redux Saga , Typescript , flask , MongoDB

Alicante, Alicante
€25 / hora
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Sobre Sebastian Ochoa:

As a passionate and self-taught software developer with a background in physics, I thrive on challenging myself to learn something new daily. With a strong analytical mind, perseverance, patience, and collaborative nature, I am committed to providing well-thought-out solutions that not only work but work well. 
I am currently seeking my first software development job and am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to the success of any project. My ultimate goal is to develop high-quality software solutions that not only meet clients' short-term needs but also their long-term goals. With a strong work ethic and a desire to continually improve, I am confident that I can add value to any software development team.


TocToc Project: Developed a React and Firebase application aimed at simplifying testing and grading of ESL students' pronunciation. Responsibilities included implementing Firebase SDKs for data operations, enforcing security measures, and utilizing Google Cloud Functions. Actively contributed to ongoing development with a focus on data security. Planned integration of Open AI's Whisper API for improved grading.

Waiv Project: Created a web application generating SVG wave images through a React frontend and custom Python Flask backend. Managed deployment on Vercel for the frontend and for the backend. Successfully processed user inputs and returned SVG data encoded in JSON format to enhance user experience.


My educational journey is self-directed, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning through project-based experiences. I've pursued a self-taught path that centers on applying theoretical knowledge directly to projects aligned with my passions. This approach has not only deepened my understanding beyond formal coursework but has also propelled me to surpass traditional learning boundaries.

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