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Miranda Hyman

Miranda Hyman

Writer, Vocal Coach, Songwriter, Vocalist

Servicios ofrecidos: Afinación vocal , Bandas de música , Compositores de música , Clases de música para niños , Danza / Música / Artes escénicas , Consultores de música , Voz en off - Música , Writers , Cantantes y vocalistas , Clases de guitarra acústica para principiantes , Clases de música , Writing , Audio / Sonido y Música , Bandas de Música

Madrid, Madrid
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Sobre Miranda Hyman:

Hello, I'm Miranda Finn Hyman, a passionate and creative artist and writer with a deep love for music and an unwavering commitment to social activism. I recently graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music, Songwriting, and Performance through a Feminist Lens. During my time at Wesleyan, I maintained an impressive GPA of 3.89/4.00 and delved into coursework that expanded my understanding of music's role in society, from Black Queer Music to the sociology of Nina Simone.

My journey as a songwriter and recording artist began before college and has been a constant source of inspiration and self-expression. I've had the privilege of co-writing and recording music for various projects, including commercial work for major brands like Coca-Cola and Hasbro's My Little Pony.

In addition to my musical pursuits, I've gained valuable industry experience through internships with Live Nation Entertainment, Insomniac Events, and as a Music & Politics Intern with HeadCount, where I combined my love for music with my commitment to positive change.

My skill set extends to various media platforms, and I'm adept at using software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and audio production tools such as LogicPro and ProTools. I've also published my work in respected publications like "On The Bus" and "Midriff Magazine."

My interests are not limited to music; I'm passionate about voice acting, poetry, guitar, and personal essay writing, all of which contribute to my unique perspective and creativity. I'm excited to bring my diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to any project or organization I join, making a meaningful impact through art and activism.


In the year since graduating from Wesleyan University, I've been actively shaping my career as an independent artist while drawing on the valuable experiences gained from my educational background and previous internships. As an intern at Live Nation Entertainment, I was responsible for writing daily blog content for, including articles, interviews, album reviews, and more. I also played a crucial role in setting up and managing private showcases while escorting artists to interviews.

My internship at Insomniac Events provided me with valuable experience in the world of radio, where I wrote scripts, recorded voice-overs, and handled syndication data. I was responsible for organizing the radio schedule and communicating with artists on behalf of Insomniac's internal radio station and syndicator, The NoiseHouse.

I further expanded my skill set as a Music & Politics Intern at HeadCount, creating social media content, filling out spreadsheets, and actively participating in team meetings.

In the year following my graduation, I've extended my reach as an independent artist by writing, recording, releasing, and promoting my songs independently. I've also taken on the roles of starring and co-directing my own music videos, showcasing my creative vision. Additionally, I've had the privilege of performing at renowned Los Angeles venues, such as the Viper Room, and have actively contributed to the music industry by writing for other rising artists, collaborating with local music producers, attending songwriting camps, and pitching my music to sync companies for potential TV and film placements. This multifaceted approach to my music career, combined with my strong academic foundation and previous internships, equips me with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the music industry. I look forward to continuing my journey as a dedicated artist and songwriter.


My academic training is uniquely designed to thrive in the music industry and related creative fields. During my time at Wesleyan University, I designed my own curriculum, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree with the distinctive title "Popular Music, Songwriting, and Performance through a Feminist Lens." This personalized program of study provided me with a profound understanding of music theory, lyricism, and the cultural influences on music.

Within this framework, I undertook coursework in Lyric Poetry & Music, Black Queer Music, and Gender Studies, fostering a comprehensive knowledge of music's multifaceted aspects. My academic journey was marked by notable achievements, with a commendable GPA of 3.89/4.00, emphasizing my dedication and intellectual prowess.

My studies also encompassed vital areas such as techniques of poetry, nonfiction, and change theories, preparing me to apply these concepts to creative content creation and adapt to industry demands. This academic foundation positions me as a well-prepared candidate for roles within the music industry and adjacent creative sectors.

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