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Spain is out of time / España está desfasada

English and Spanish below. En inglés y en español abajo.


Marathon working days; late lunches and dinners compared to the rest of Europe; less time for personal life, rest and recreation; family-work imbalances... these longstanding aspects of Spanish life are all largely the result of Spain being in the wrong time zone, which should be Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the same as Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland, but which is in fact an hour later, thanks to dictator General Francisco Franco's decision in 1942 to align the country's clocks with those of Nazi Germany. 

The solution, agreed a parliamentary commission , is for Spain to turn its clocks back 60 minutes and introduce more regular working hours as in the rest of Europe.

The mismatch between Spain's clock time and solar time contributes to the country's unusual daily schedule. The relatively late sunrises and sunsets shift the average Spaniard's day later than it otherwise would be, and that a return to its original time zone would help boost productivity and bring family and work rhythms into better balance.

What are the politicians waiting for ? 


In spanish ( it is not a translation )

Esta imagen resume claramente por qué España debería volver a su huso horario natural, el de Greenwich o GMT, como Reino Unido o Portugal, y no continuar con el de Berlin.

En 1884 España fijó su hora legal en el huso horario que geográficamente le corresponde: el meridiano 0.

Sin embargo, en 1942, en plena II Guerra Mundial, España adoptó el horario centroeuropeo como gesto de gracia de Franco hacia la Alemania nazi. Reino Unido y Portugal también cambiaron su horario. Sin embargo, al acabar la guerra, estos volvieron al huso europeo occidental, pero España continua desde 1942, inexplicablemente, en un huso que no le corresponde por su posición geográfica y solar.

Según un informe de la Comisión de Igualdad del Congreso, regresar al horario de Greenwich-GMT (inspirado en el ciclo solar diurno), tendría un efecto favorable en la conciliación familiar, laboral y personal de todas las personas.

La solución es sencilla. ¿ A qué esperan los políticos ?

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One of the most outstanding qualities of Spain is producing minds like yours Javier beBee and the dedicated team of beBee. Not to forget your lovely olive oil. Have a great weekend.

Javier 🐝 CR

hace 5 años #19

Ken Boddie you are right. Only a change of time do not solve the issues :-)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

hace 5 años #18

Is Spain ready for some dramatic change to bring in more liveliness, enjoyment and recreation?

Ken Boddie

hace 5 años #17

You may be correct in theory, Javier, about 'solar time', but I was merely responding to your 'boost productivity' and 'work rhythm' argument.

Javier 🐝 CR

hace 5 años #16

Ken Boddie Spain is the only european country don't have the right corresponding time to the solar time. It is a question of doing things right from the beginning. It is simple ! Without talking about if it is good or not for business....

Ken Boddie

hace 5 años #15

Not sure, Javier, that a wind-back of the clock will necessarily result in the changes you are wishing for. I have worked in many countries and under many time zones and have been subjected to 'daylight savings' (moving the clock forward in summer and backward in winter), or not, as the case may be at the time. People get used to having to rise in time for getting to work, whether that means waking before daylight or after, and similarly get used to going home while it is still daylight or in the dark. For indoor workers I believe it has little impact, since most work in false light and many work without windows nearby. The main affect appears to be on farmers who have to work to the sun-oriented clock of their animals, assuming they are in a paddock and not in an indoor batch arrangement. I believe that one of the main impacts on production is when your time zone differs by one or two hours from another region, country or state, when there is reliance on lengthy daily interaction between your base and the other time zone location. But when there is an extreme difference in time zones between interacting locations (say 12 hours), then work can be passed between locations and virtually kept rolling forward on a 24 hour basis, i.e. when one location finishes work, the other starts, thus resulting in double the efficiency over a period of weeks and months. Efficiency depends primarily upon doing the optimum amount of work within the hours available and in practicing good task and time management. After all, how much interaction, on a daily basis, do Spanish businesses have with companies in Portugal, UK and Ireland, compared to Germany?

Javier 🐝 CR

hace 5 años #14

Paul Walters , haha I am like you. I don' t mind what time it is. The problem is that society obliges the times... at least they should be right with solar time.

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 años #13

Interesting Javier beBee, I had no idea about the time zone in Spain and it's history. I agree, it's time for change. The sun plays a large role on how we conduct our days. I hope your politicians are finally listening!

Cèlia Hil

hace 5 años #12

Curiosos datos ;-)

Paul Walters

hace 5 años #11

Javier beBee Is it just me ? I never know what time it is.

Jorge Carballo Pérez

hace 5 años #10

Interesantísima información, lo mismo que el tema del cambio horario, dónde está comprobado que el ahorro energético es prácticamente nulo, por no decir nulo. Y la consecuencias que nos trae, sobre todo a niños y personas mayores son muy nefastos.

Javier 🐝 CR

hace 5 años #9

Irene Hackett yes. Spanish culture is very rich. Have a look at this , probably you will enjoy it :) https://www.bebee.com/producer/@javierbebee/spain-tourism

David B. Grinberg

hace 5 años #8

Interesting points, Javier. Coincidentally, we're approaching the end of Daylight Saving Time in the USA -- and elsewhere worldwide. But that's for another blog post (coming soon by yours truly). Buzzing onward and upward...

Renée 🐝 Cormier

hace 5 años #7

Yeah, you would think by now they would be interested in being in sync with their European neighbours. Long working day? I'll bet it's still way shorter and more relaxed than the 10-12 hours put in by North Americans every day. Technically we are expected to work eight hours and take a half hour lunch, but most salaried employees work much longer and make lunch an option. And God help you if you took a lunch break came back fifteen minutes late!

Fran 🐝 Brizzolis

hace 5 años #6

Spain is allways GMT,

Mamen 🐝 Delgado

hace 5 años #5

Great way to define us Laurent Boscherini!!

Javier 🐝 CR

hace 5 años #4

Laurent Boscherini exactly. SPAIN is great. Spain is different, for better or worse.

Laurent Boscherini

hace 5 años #3

Thank you Javier beBee for sharing your excellent insight. I moved to Spain since almost two years and Spaniards are an interesting paradox. They're spontaneous but love routine, they're deeply traditional and yet socially liberal, and they can't seem to decide whether Spain is paradise on Earth or some kind of hell designed to test them. That's Why I enjoy to live in Spain !

Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez

hace 5 años #2

Más que como gesto de gracia, era por seguir las noticias a tiempo real, ya que el regimen pro-aleman en ese momento tenia a la D.A. en el frente Ruso.
Lo que da pena es que todos los años estamos con lo mismo. Y nada de nada. Es absurdo seguir con este horario que no beneficia a nadie. Gracias @javierbebee

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