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Never put all eggs in one basket - Keep LinkedIn but Explore beBee

This buzz is inspired by Jeremy Krier's comment on LinkedIn.

Keep LinkedIn but Explore beBee, by Jeremy Krier

I would say ..... Keep LinkedIn , Enjoy beBee! 聽聽

As we have all heard in the past, the common statement is 鈥淒ON鈥橳 put all of your eggs in one basket.鈥 In most of cases, this is good advice. This also holds true for things like making investments and mitigating business risk.聽

Building your network on an only one professional network is not a good idea. What happens when your content is being filtered by an algorithm that decides for you ? How do you feel if you can't reach all of your followers after months/years of working hard?聽

Never put all eggs in one basket - Keep LinkedIn but Explore beBee

Many job seekers forget that a job search is a journey of many steps that must be strategically arranged and properly executed to ensure success. And just like skipping the baking soda when you bake a cake can result in it falling flat, focusing all job search efforts on one 鈥榖asket鈥 will produce lack-luster results.

5 beBee Competitive Advantages That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Site on Day One

By Jeremy Krier聽( translated by John White, MBA聽! )

1.- Being segmented into interest-based "hives" (which are user groups) makes it easy to reach people who share your personal and professional interests.聽

2.- The hives give you instant reach for your content. Your publications always have visibility, whether you have one follower, 300 or 3000. Just select the most closely related hive to your topic and share your content to thousand of readers.聽

3.- If you are looking for a job, you can find it on beBee. Just complete your profile and be active in the hives relevant to your industry. Then, recruiters will be able to locate you easily. You can also connect with each member of the hive - the users are literally called bees.聽

4. Networking with people in your industry that share your interests is a much better strategy to get a job than blindly sending out resumes to strangers.聽

5.- If you are interested in creating or enhancing your personal brand, then beBee is THE essential network. On beBee, you can show all the qualities and skills that make you unique.聽

6.- beBee gives everybody a voice, regardless of your what is says on your CV or the position you hold. We all have interests and talents, and beBee enables us to demonstrate our expertise.

7.- Reach all of your followers anytime.

8.- Get Instant Search Engine Visibility.

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Javier 馃悵 CR

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The best way to build deeper business relationships is helping others. I know your probably thinking it鈥檚 easier to take care of yourself then worry about others. Simply help people, be human, engage one another and be real. We -as humans- are designed to want to communicate with one another need proof just take a look around watch a couple use sign language, laugh, have fun. The integration of your personal and business life can lead to new opportunities. We all can agree that business is about relationships. This is what beBee is all about.

Javier 馃悵 CR

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Enjoy beBee and Reach 100% of your followers !

Eventprofs, here is an important message from Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee, the CEO and Co-founder of beBee.

Javier 馃悵 CR

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Benefits of becoming a beBee blogger - Instant reach through hives. - Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your content. - 100% Organic Reach. - Anybody can be a blogger. - Anybody is already an "influencer". - Reach your followers through email.

Great Buzz here!

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 4 a帽os #18

CC Jenny Martinez

Claire L Cardwell

hace 4 a帽os #17

Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee - thanks for the share - cross pollination definitely does work, I find that I get more reads from the posts I write on beBee that I share on LinkedIn than the articles I write there.

very true


Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 4 a帽os #14

Thanks everybody for your support!

John Rylance

hace 4 a帽os #13

It would be nice to have enough eggs to warrant more than one basket.

Ken Boddie

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So don't cry 'fowl' when the platform goes down the gurgler, Pascal. 馃悾馃ぃ

Pascal Derrien

hace 4 a帽os #11

different functionality, different offers it all makes sense I use 3and half platforms for various reasons with various degree of involvement and expectations they are complementary and sometimes not but c'est la vie :-) Plus I dont do eggs I am not chicken :-)

Ken Boddie

hace 4 a帽os #10

I can't understand, Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee, why so many make the effort to lay their eggs on many other platforms, including the Dark Side, where they, more often than not, disappear into oblivion without the excitement and reward of interactive engagement. I am particularly careful to conserve the majority of my egg laying efforts to the beBee platform, where I know my efforts receive true engagement. Other platforms are for my selected friends and family, as a way of keeping in touch. Besides, the eggs on beBee are so much more fertile and come pre-graded in affinity hives, wrapped in honey. 馃嵂馃馃嵂

David B. Grinberg

hace 4 a帽os #9

Excellent advice, Javier. As I recently wrote here regarding blogging: "It makes no sense to put all of your blogging eggs into only one or two social media baskets -- like LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance. However, on the flipside, it simply makes good sense for bloggers to leverage a diverse range of social platforms, especially ones like beBee in which engagement is high. Big social platforms are not always better for blogging. It鈥檚 social engagement that really counts. This is where beBee excels." https://www.bebee.com/producer/@dbgrinberg/how-social-startup-bebee-benefits-bloggers

Javier 馃悵 CR

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Bill Stankiewicz, \ud83d\udc1d Brand Ambassador feel free to put.more eggs on beBee ! 馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵Proud of having so many great professionals on beBee! This platform is amazing thanks to all.of you !!!

Put more eggs 馃嵆 in beBee 馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵鉂わ笍馃槑馃憤馃憤馃憤

CityVP Manjit

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It is strange, but after I read this buzz, this is the first time I can remember clicking the JOBS menu bar. The brutal reality is that the vast majority of jobs are found through the hidden job market. Classifieds according to What Color is Your Parachute? is the lowest chance for job search strategies - so to simply use beBee and LinkedIn does not even come to close a true job search strategy demands. I am impressed with LinkedIn's back-end processes even if what they are providing is the minority visible job market positions. Both of our kids are in the HR profession working with Fortune 500 companies. Both use recruiter and their LinkedIn subscriptions are paid by their respective companies - and they do mine the back-end of LinkedIn a lot. This is where people need to focus on their job profiles. Where jobs are advertised - the lead recruiter from the company has the option to be listed to have applications sent directly to them (whether they are a middle man or not), other applications are connected to the Taleo system and LinkedIn provide an option to export LinkedIn job profile to Taleo - or one can say no to that and complete the ATS process at Taleo. They have clearly thought through the back-end processes at a very fine detail and the interesting thing is that they entangling people in HR, people in the recruitment field and the entangling the job applicant with export options for the resume. So understanding networking and job profiling another step is understanding key word search for Applicant Tracking Systems. It is also a numbers game from the applicant side . Now getting back to where the game is smartest, which is the hidden job market. a website aptly named http://unlockthehiddenjobmarket.com began a blog in September 2012 to provide advice in this area. by January 2013 they gave up the blog http://unlockthehiddenjobmarket.com/ probably clueless about what value they can add.

Mark Blevins

hace 4 a帽os #5

A chicken might come along and try to hatch them

馃悵 Fatima G. Williams

hace 4 a帽os #4

Good advice Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee. It's like you need have that one veggie in your meal even you don't favour it so much. #beBeesforever

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 4 a帽os #3

Matt \ud83d\udc1d Sweetwood

Wayne Yoshida

hace 4 a帽os #2

Excellent, Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee -- I like the "eggs in one basket" analogy, it is good advice. I like to use the term "cross-pollination" when combining all social media platforms -- this helps expand one's personal brand to more audiences.

Reduce risk, expand opportunities, thank you Javier.

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