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My first publication in English

Hi my beloved beBee friends!

This is the first time in my life that I write a post in English, and it's weird, because people in Honduras is always speaking in Spanish or in Spanglish (a mixture of spanish and english words in a sentence), at least the ones that I hangout with, and I think I should include my co-workers too. They say things like: "Hey dude, que cool que te quedó el sweater"; "Los espero en mi friday pink party, ok?"; "¿Hey, querés una cookie?" Yeah, I know what you are thinking, it sounds ridiculous! But that's part of the new honduran culture, sadly.

As I look around me, I realize that everything is in English. The labels of most of the products I eat, the buttons of my phone, the 40% of my books, even one of my dogs have a name in English. And you know what is even weirder? That my mother is american, she grew up in Boston, she's the daughter of one of the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attacks, my grandfather was a marine, and well, I haven't heard an English word came out from her mouth in my 37 years of life. Unbelievable, right? 

Sometimes I write in Twitter a thought or a fragment of a good book, but I haven't written in English in any of my blogs. And I should do it, because nowadays English is consider an universal language. In this case my excuse, laziness, or whatever you what to call it, is that none of my friends, family and co-workers speak to me in English. Everybody knows that if you learn a language and you don't practice it, eventually you'll forget some of the words you learned,  and you'll be full of doubts asking yourself if you made a mistake when you wrote that letter or when you asked that question. 

So, having said that, if you're reading this and what to help me being my beBee-English-mentor-pal, haha I'm paraprashing, I'll be grateful. In the meantime, I'll be writing one post per week, one step at a time.  

My first publication in English



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Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 años #5

Thank you Donna! Do you speak Spanish?

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 años #4

You are not the first person who asks me the same question, but no, haha, that's my real last name, it's from Spain. As you may know, in Latin America sometimes we use the last name of both of our parents, so when I introduce myself as Hugo Chinchilla Hurst, people tends to ask me if Hurst is a pen name, and I say: No, that's my mother's last name.

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 años #3

A few minutes ago I was reading your comment to my wife and she said: Engch sounds more like an interesating meal rather than a contraction of English and French.

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 años #2

Thank you Dean, I really appreciate your comment. I'm not afraid to make mistakes, but please, feel free to correct me at any time.

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 años #1

Gloria, thank you for the advice, from now on I will write my articles in English and in Spanish. Have a great day!

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