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My experience in beBee (Remembering the first few days)


This article is a translation of the   original article    so that all of you who follow me and do not speak Spanish, but perhaps if you speak English. This was the first article I've ever published, I hope and wish you like it. Thanks to all of you for your support and follow-up.

I remember my first day on beBee, it just popped up in my browser when I looked for something (it would be job offers), and I thought,"Wow! Another social network more... What a mess ", but something was different, the offer was like more real, more authentic and closer, so for the moment I only registered to receive job offers.

I remember that I probably made a comment not very fortunate, and also not understood by some, about the homepage and the huge honey pot... There was no bad intention I assure you, it just went like that... I hope I didn't disturb you.

I was finishing another computer course of more than 500 hours in those days, and I was a little overwhelmed by the pressure of the end of the course, and all the exercises and work I had to do, since my PC had died a few weeks earlier, and many of the jobs had been lost.

Little by little, and being very reluctant at first (I admit it), I was integrating myself into beBee, I was very burned out of Facebook and the almost obsessive exhibitionism that many users practice, as well as the total lack of "personality" and "humanity" of the social network, but I told me that this time it was not the same... It would be better...

After some time I completed my profile, and I quickly started to follow different users, many of whom returned the tracking, and so my wall began to fill with people, ideas and illusions.

People followed you, they didn't become "friends" with you, they didn't advertise or exhibit, they just shared ideas and knowledge, and hobbies and interests with you, and they certainly didn't play ball with you, since there are no personal photos to comment on, or anything like that, in which to say:"You're so handsome here or there"... And that made me personally feel good, and I certainly liked it more.

I started to share "buzzs" with my mobile contacts, they were articles about information technology, and cybersecurity, which were very welcome, as well as job offers, etc…

After these 2 months or so that I have been around, I am really satisfied, and of course it is a privilege, that people so relevant in their respective professional fields, be interested in someone as simple and normal as me, sincerely it is something that I never imagined, (given my life experience in the last few years), I still don't believe that people like beBee's own staff, or some VIP users, even beBee ambassadors, are interested.

So I'll stay here as long as I can (I hope it's a lot), wanting to do things, and communicate ideas and emotions, and of course being a happier bee every day.

Thanks to all my fans, the beBee staff, and to all of you who read to me or whatever, with more or less interest.

And as a token of my gratitude, I leave you a text of the brilliant  Mario Benedetti  with whom I identify myself totally:

Did you know that...?

That you just have to look for it and give it to him,

That no one sets standards except life,

That life without certain rules loses its shape,

That the form is not lost by opening us up,

That opening ourselves up is not loving indiscriminately,

That it is not forbidden to love,

That you can also hate,

That hate and love are affections

That aggression because it does hurt a lot,

That the wounds are closing,

That the doors should not be closed,

That the greatest door is affection,

That affections define us,

To define oneself is not to row against the current,

The stronger the stroke, the more it is drawn,

That seeking a balance does not imply being lukewarm,

That denying words implies opening distances,

That meeting is very beautiful,

That sex is part of the beauty of life,

That life is about sex,

That the "why" of children has a why,

That wanting to hear from someone isn't just curiosity,

That wanting to know everything about everyone is unhealthy curiosity,

Which is never too much to thank,

That self-determination is not about doing things alone,

Nobody wants to be alone,

That in order not to be alone one must give,

That to give we should have received sooner,

That in order to be given we must also know how to ask,

That knowing how to order is not a gift,

That giving oneself away is, in short, not loving oneself,

That for them to love us we must show what we are,

That in order for someone to be someone, you have to help them,

That helping is being able to encourage and support,

That flattering is not helping,

That flattering is as pernicious as turning your face upside down,

That things face to face are honest,

Nobody's honest because they don't steal,

That the robber is not a thief for pleasure,

That when there's no pleasure in things, you're not living,

To feel life, we must not forget that death exists,

That you can be dead in life,

That feels with body and mind,

You can hear with your ears,

It's hard to be sensitive and not hurt,

That hurting yourself isn't bleeding out,

That in order not to be wounded, we build walls,

Whoever sows walls does not reap anything,

That we're almost all wall masons,

That it would be better to build bridges,

That on them it goes to the other shore and also turns,

That coming back doesn't mean going backwards,

That retreating can also be moving forward,

That not by much to advance dawns closer to the sun,

How do you let yourself know that no one sets standards except life?

How can I let you know there's always time?

Mario Benedetti

Just thank you beBee therefore and so unexpected and so great.

Fran Brizzolis (Just a happy bee)

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Fran 🐝 Brizzolis

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Mmmm "flash on the pan"... I remember that it was also a musical group of the 80's... Absolutely agree, people usually lose perspective, we get used to the good things right away, and we think that the pace of growth should always be the same, and stay the same over time, but it is something inherent in growth,"the closer we get to the summit, the more difficult each step is made to reach it". Thank you so much for your support and your follow-up, it is a great privilege for me to receive praise from someone like you .

Fran 🐝 Brizzolis

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Matt \ud83d\udc1d Sweetwood

Fran 🐝 Brizzolis

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Hahaha... May be unsual Jerry Fletcher. Thank you so much!

Fran 🐝 Brizzolis

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Thank you so much for sharing Laurent Boscherini.

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