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Do customers: The tough gets goin’, when the going gets tough

Do customers: The tough gets goin’, when the going gets tough

More than Billy Ocean's song it's a premise to stand up and fight. Proactivity is not for us. We are lazy and confortable in our secure zone. We are get used to be reactive. Knock and react is our style of life. However there's brand new formulas to be success on business.

  • Engagement through people. Employee with customers.
  • No gap operational.
  • Touchpoints according to people needs and demands insteed of business vision.
  • Commitment for long term= Durability in profits.
To be ready with customers means to be on a loop solving demands and needs and being with open eyes anytime,anywhere because customers nowadays are more educated not to be second chances. Fail is permitted but we have to have the human touch. Attention and care is the power value to be deployed.

Earn money is the pillar for many businessmen, however this knife is extremely dangerous. Everything for everything is not admisible.  Be close to the people is the begin to  become a customer and recurrency in time. This is the point to become success and profits. Develop communication and marketing plans where the customer is only considered as a transactional issue is the begining of the fail.

Heads or tails in the hands of the board of a company in a terrible weapon, because the commitment is really far from the ground, the place where everything happens.

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