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After a break ... New ambassadors , and some beBee news

Hi bees !

we are hungry of having new ambassadors, so here you are a list of new ambassadors. We love them all. Thanks for pollinating the world !

*** New ambassadors ***

Augusto Santos, 聽Brazil


Ali Anani, Jordan


Pamela L. Williams, USA

Gert Scholtz, South Africa

Franci Eugenia Hoffman, USA


Hugo Chinchilla, Honduras


Jos茅 Lu铆s Casado, Spain


*** Some news about beBee ***

We - the team - are working hard on beBee Platform

1.- VIP concept will be removed and changed to VIB (very important bee). As we are getting a lot of requests to be VIP and we don't want to be unfair, this new flag will be add automatically by the platform to those more active and possitive bees on the platform, so we will not be able to chage this manually. This is calculated based on activity: articles, relevants, comments, report button, hidden button, .. This flag can show up and disappear. It will dynamic. So, you have to go on being active to keep it.

2.- We will be adding VIDEO STREAMING - LIVE BUZZES and Video Conferencing :-)

3.- We will add new great options to tailor your feed.

4.- We will allow multi-picture buzzes (galleries).聽

5.- We will add STINGS ( your favourite buzzes, authors, .. whatever) and beBee stickers.

6.- Search, finally you will be able to seach anything. We internally call it SUPER SEARCH :-)

and some other great features that I can not reveal 聽now聽

8.- Job posting is going to be improved ( candidates will be able to interact with recruiters easily) .聽

7.- We know beBee is slow ( we want attain to perfection). beBee will be fast, hopefully as fast as a the jamaican sprinters :-)

We will keep it COOL FAST AND EASY. beBee wants to be unbeatable.聽

I'm a bag of nerves!.聽How exciting!聽

After a break ... New ambassadors , and some beBee news


What is beBee and why is beBee disrupting the current model of social media


A problem with social media today: a lot of noise and no relevance


be our ambassador


Reasons why you should use beBee Producer


Getting Started on beBee: The Big - Assed List


beBee Guide



What is beBee?

beBee is the next big thing in professional social networking. Our mission is to create a professional world that is more open and connected. beBee is disrupting professional social networking by establishing connections through passions and common interests that create more professional engagement and deeper and more successful business relationships.

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Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 4 a帽os #87

Old List updated CC John White, MBA This is the current list of ambassadors: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@javierbebee/new-bebee-ambassadors-2016-november

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #86

Cristiane Bittencourt Spinelli muito obrigado !!!!

Cristiane Bittencourt Spinelli, voc锚, enquanto embaixadora, representou muito bem o beBee e continuar谩 representando muito bem o nosso Brasil. Obrigada por ter feito parte do time de embaixadores brasileiros, foi uma grande honra em ter sua companhia. Se deixas nosso time 茅 por um motivo muito forte e totalmente compreens铆vel. Mas o que realmente importa agora 茅 que continuaremos a ter voc锚 aqui conosco, continuando a nos encher de alegria e inspira莽茫o com suas postagens. Lhe desejo muito mais sucesso na sua agitada caminhada profissional. Beijos, Cris!!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #84

This buzz have been updated ! Cristiane Bittencourt Spinelli, resquested to drop out our ambassador program . We wish Cristiane Bittencourt Spinelli

It's exciting and welcome to beBee Antoine Prager!

Gloria (Glo) Ochoa

hace 5 a帽os #82

These are AWESOME updates! Thank you!

Thank you Lada Prkic.

I like your comment CityVP Manjit. It is very positive and encouraging.

CityVP Manjit

hace 5 a帽os #79

Marvelous! I (like Milos Djukic ) always love the power of self-organizing emergence. I can see the underlying marketing DNA present and I can see beBee developing a life of its own i.e. as emergence. This kind of emergence does not grow on tree's, it is a rather rare but cultivated blessing, as can be attested to the handful of organizations that eventually become leaders in their respective fields. I acknowledge a bold movement and a new way when I see it - and I see it.

And we all cherish you dear Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD

Milos Djukic

hace 5 a帽os #77

Thank you very much Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, Croatia and Serbia together:) Thanks a lot.

Gert Scholtz

hace 5 a帽os #76

Thank you Emilia. Obrigado and Dankje wel. I think that covers about half the languages you speak :) I appreciate your tag and hope to see your excellent articles again soon on beBee.

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #75

Gert Scholtz and me are really happy if we succeed together. We know we need you all. This is only the start of a great common venture. Let's enjoy the way to our goals. Be a hard worker bee, sting like a bee

Gert Scholtz

hace 5 a帽os #74

Juan Imaz Thank you Juan. I hope to see beBee become the United Nations of Professional and Social Media.

Thank you Juan Imaz. I am most grateful and proud to represent beBee as an Ambassador.

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 a帽os #72

Thank you :)

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 a帽os #71

Thank you Juan Imaz

With attention from you dear Juan Imaz- the scope is getting wider

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

hace 5 a帽os #69

That's why you are a great man dear Ali, always think of others!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #68

Wayne Yoshida, in a few weeks bees will communicate through beBee video conferencing platform :)

And you do not less dear Lada Prkic

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

hace 5 a帽os #66

You deserve praise and appreciation for all you do, Ali Ali Anani.

Thank you Lada Prkic

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

hace 5 a帽os #64

Congratulation to Donna-Luisa Eversley, what do you think? 馃槈

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 a帽os #63

Hugo Chinchilla I meant to tag you way below too, Congrats!! And again congrats to you all. :)) Happy news!

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 a帽os #62

Thank you Pamela. In my post I said that I drop a few tears when Mamen told me that I'm a beBee ambassador. Greetings from Honduras.

CityVP Manjit

hace 5 a帽os #61

I am not familiar with Cristiane but of course I say well done to her. As for our friend Augusto Santos - I absolutely think the world of Augusto - and after Rio, I am more than glad that Brazil is on the ambassador map. One thing I ask of Javier beBee has many Twitter pages he mentioned. Perhaps it is time to have a single page view of this. Otherwise as for our two new Brazillian ambassadors, I say " Lindo maravilhoso! "

Congratulations to the new ambassadors, especially for Augusto Santos, you deserve for all you do here!!

Wayne Yoshida

hace 5 a帽os #59

Thanks for catching that, - and Skype is a great way to keep in touch with distant people.

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

hace 5 a帽os #58

I feel really happy for you , specially after reading this morning your last post about your new job and the little free time you have now, but you see, all the good news come together!!! ;) Congrats my friend!

Thank you David Grinberg and I am looking forward to being part of the team.

Gert Scholtz

hace 5 a帽os #56

David Grinberg Thank you David. It is a great honor and privilege. Very excited about the new phase beBee is entering!

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 a帽os #55

Thanks for tagging me David Grinberg, I didn't know that hive was created! Just joined.

Wayne Yoshida

hace 5 a帽os #54

Way to go, new ambassadors! And second, great to see the list of new features and enhancements -- I am looking forward to seeing the launch. Funnily enough, I was thinking of video conferencing via Skype with some fellow Bees. Thanks Javier beBee and beBee Hq!

Thank you for your heartfelt congrats David Grinberg

David B. Grinberg

hace 5 a帽os #52

Many congratulations bees on your honorable selection as beBee Brand Ambassadors: Donna-Luisa Eversley @cristianebittencourtspinelli

David B. Grinberg

hace 5 a帽os #51

Kudos to you and your team Javier beBee and many congratulations to the new ambassadors. I suggest ALL ambassadors consider joining the hive "beBee's Ambassadors" as the numbers continue to grow https://www.bebee.com/group/bebee-s-ambassadors Best to all and keep buzzing!

#105 #100 #102 Thank you everyone for the congrats! BTW, ibeBee mola!

Thank you dears Milos Djukic and I vibrate with the music of your kind words

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

hace 5 a帽os #48

A huge congratulations to all the new beBee ambassadors. Let's brighten the world and inspire them towards beBee!

Milos Djukic

hace 5 a帽os #47

Congrats dear Donna-Luisa Eversley. Javier beBee, Once again an excellent choice! You select all these C-Butterflies :) A Very Wise Decision

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #46

Gert Scholtz beBee rocks in Spain is "beBee mola"

Gert Scholtz

hace 5 a帽os #45

Congratulations Ali Anani for your tags and words in the thread below. I cannot wait for all the innovations mentioned in the buzz. beBee rocks! beBee roca!

Thank you so much Mamen Delgado!!

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

hace 5 a帽os #43

Yippeeee Donna-Luisa Eversley!!!!! Hahahaha!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #42

Gracias Sonia Vicente Diez

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #41

Tausif Mundrawala here you are Producer - the publishing platform. www.bebee.com/producer

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

hace 5 a帽os #40

Pero si Hugo Chinchilla que es PERFECTO!!! Jajajajaja...

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #39

Hugo Chinchilla que s贸lo tienes un defecto. Ser del Barcelona en vez del Real Madrid jajajaja. Es broma. Disfruta y ay煤danos a hacer crecer beBee.

Congratulations to the new ambassadors!

Hugo Chinchilla

hace 5 a帽os #37

Lo veo y no lo creo, estoy agradecido y emocionado por haber sido nombrado embajador. Confieso que se me ha salido m谩s de una l谩grima. Gracias por creer en m铆.

Thank you Aaron Skogen. Your comment is most appreciated.

Thank you Julie Hickman. It's exciting!

Thank you Lisa Gallagher. I am thrilled and excited about the new features!

Till now I fail to find the words to rightly thank dear Javier beBee and the beBee team for their honoring confidence by nominating me as an ambassador. An honor that shall require even working harder, but hopefully, smarter as well.

I am thrilled and honored to be a beBee Ambassador What exciting news! Congratulations to those that were also selected as beBee Ambassadors. Thank you Javier beBee and our hard working beBee team!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #31

Augusto Santos ok that is the reason

John White, MBA

hace 5 a帽os #30

Congratulations to all the new ambassadors! And exciting new features coming! WooHoo!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #29

Federico \u00c1lvarez San Mart\u00edn algo pasa con los links de las menciones

Thank you dear debasish majumder for your heart-felt congratulations

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

hace 5 a帽os #27

Augusto Santos e voc锚!! 馃挮鉁

Jim Murray

hace 5 a帽os #26

Congratulations to the new ambassadors. Good choices all, and the new features are great as well.

Matt Sweetwood

hace 5 a帽os #25

Congratulations to all of the new Ambassadors! and How exciting are these new features???!!!!

Matt Sweetwood

hace 5 a帽os #24

Congratulations to all of the new Ambassadors! and How exciting are these new features???!!!!

Dear brother Anees Zaidi- people with fragrant characters like you bring us back even if we would do the unthinkable and leave. If I succeed or achieve anything it is because of people surrounding me like yourself.

Thank you r- I thought once of leaving not because beBee isn't outstanding; it was because I questioned my credibility to stay. I am too glad I did

Randy Keho

hace 5 a帽os #21

Rock on!

Kevin Pashuk

hace 5 a帽os #20

Okay... This is one of the most exciting posts on beBee I've read in a long time! Congratulations to the new Am-bee-sadors! The features in the new release has my honey producing fingers twitching.

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #19

Pascal Derrien, we don't make chocolate, but honey ;-)

Pascal Derrien

hace 5 a帽os #18

Kool developments there :-) Nice bunch of ambassadors too are they getting chocolates from Ferrero ? :-)

Laurent Boscherini

hace 5 a帽os #17

Congratulations to all new Ambassadors which is embracing the BeBee' s diversity. So Accurate as wise choice, Well done !

APPLAUSE to your kindness and activation of my self-fractal dear Irene Irene Hackett. You are as wonderful human as you are a writer.

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #15

Dean Owen

Along and close to your wonderful mind and heart dear Lisa Gallagher.

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 a帽os #13

You have been all along Ali Anani! :))

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 a帽os #12

Dean Owen, do you sing while you sting? ;-)

Lisa Gallagher

hace 5 a帽os #11

Congratulations New Ambassadors! How exciting and I'm SO happy, you are ALL so very deserving!! Great addition to this lovely platform called beBee!! Also, very exciting news Javier beBee and look forward to meeting many more of you! Awesome news!!!

Reginaldo Afonso Bobato

hace 5 a帽os #10

Parab茅ns a todos sem exce莽茫o e que proporcionemos juntos mais produ莽茫o mel, pr贸polis, cera e geleia real, e que nos favos nunca falte o n茅ctar das flores e a vontade de poliniz谩-las

Maria Merino

hace 5 a帽os #9

enhorabuena a todos!!! Felicidades... se lo merecen

Thank you dear Mamen Delgado. You are genuine in expressing your passion.

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

hace 5 a帽os #7

OMG!! I feel so HAPPY!!!! Congrats Augusto Santos!!!! Kisses everybody!!! ;)

Great new and big strides forward Javier beBee. Your honey is of the purest form.

I have just discovered that I am an ambassador and thanks to the comment of Tifany Rodio- Thank you and I shall try to be a "fractal ambassdor".

Dean Owen

hace 5 a帽os #4

Now this is exciting! What a great selection! Congrats to all! Truly deserved. I can't wait to start stinging!

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #3

Juan Imaz

Alfredo Vela Zancada

hace 5 a帽os #2

Enhorabuena a todos los nuevos embajadores ;-)

Javier 馃悵 CR

hace 5 a帽os #1

John White, MBA

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