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60 Seconds of Focus Cheat Sheet


For those that believe on will power…metaphysics...and mindfulness…

( It s not mine…but I want to share it…)

This will show you how to get ruthlessly focused on your goals – in 60 seconds.Why is this important? Because if you can develop ruthless focus, you’ll be able to achieve your goals 5x faster than you ever thought possible by activating the  power of your subconscious mind.

The trick that I will share with you will help build confidence, boost motivation, and has been used by Olympic athletes, top business people, and elite entertainers like Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Will Smith.

I made this exercise very short so you can do it every day – in just a few days, you’ll develop a sense of ruthless focus to Help you achieve your goals. Before we get started, grab a pen and paper and keep it nearby – because after each session,  You may have a flood of ideas and thoughts

to help you achieve your goal, and you’ll want to write them down. Sit or lie down in a calm, quiet place and take 3 long, relaxing, deep breaths. Sit openly, confidently, and expectantly with your arms at your side and your head leaning back slightly. 

Close your eyes and smile ever so slightly with your mouth and jaws loose and relaxed.

Imagine you’re sitting on a cruise ship, looking out at a dark sky early in the morning. The horizon looks purple and is almost glowing. As you sit there, imagine a warm golden rain falling gently on your body.

Enjoy the beautiful peace, and warmth, and serenity of this powerful scene.

Now I want you to go back and imagine in vivid detail a happy memory from your life; whether it was

the moment you fell in love, or the birth of your first child, or an accomplishment at school or at work.

Remember the feelings of confidence, happiness, and gratitude that you felt in that moment.

Now with your body feeling warm, and happy, and confident, and relaxed, reveling in the memories of this

joyous occasion, and feeling the same feelings of excitement and happiness, I want you to imagine a

goal that you would like to achieve but I want you imagine it as if it has already been accomplished.

Feel the emotions of confidence, gratitude, power, accomplishment, happiness, relief, momentum that you feel.

Imagine what other people would say and how proud of you they would be.

Imagine what you would look like, where you would be, and how you would feel. Tell yourself

I'm so grateful to everyone that help me achieve this goal. I’m so happy for having accomplished it.”

KNOW in your mind that you’ve already achieved it - that you already have it. Feel those feelings - think those thoughts.

Know that this is the secret to achieving your goals is to be thankful for already having achieved them.

You can choose to open your eyes and go about your day now – or you can continue this exercise, experiencing the

feelings of happiness, confidence, momentum, power, and gratitude of having achieved your goals.

Know that by doing this exercise every day, you are conditioning your mind to EXPECT success.

You are telling your subconscious mind that you are a successful person, and are showing gratitude.

By doing this, you are activating the power of your subconscious mind – it will start to look for opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

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Helena Jansen van Vuuren

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Thank you - as always every bit of advice or direction helps...the power of the mind!

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