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Down but not out in Paris, by Neil Smith

Down but not out in Paris. Part one - Neil Smith - Ireland -

‘Vous voulez laver les vassailes?’ · ‘Oui.’ · ‘Mais Pourquoi?’ · I then pushed the absolute limits of my schoolboy French attempting to explain to the bemused m ...


Down but not out in Paris. Part two. - Neil Smith - Ireland

The staff accommodation was small and busy. The three-room apartment would have been perfect for a small family or a couple. With my arrival it was the crowded ...


Down but not out in Paris. Part three. - Neil Smith - Irelan

Working split-shifts meant that I had a few hours every day to do chores, go for a run or wander about town. After the first two weeks when the hotel was no lon ...


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Neil Smith

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Ken Boddie

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This trilogy is what we lack in beBee and elsewhere in social media … a personal tale of @Neil Smith ’s unique experience, told in a highly readable and entertaining manner. We need more, I believe, of such windows on our individual characters and life experiences, and less ‘how to‘ listicles borrowed from text books. Neil deserves more support by way of comments and shares, so please come to the party with some words of encouragement and support, readers, and don’t just click on by. 

Neil Smith

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Thank you for sharing these @Javier 🐝 CR . Much appreciated.

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Interview & Editing by Pascal Derrien

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PARIS nueva Imagen Corporativa

Jorge Carballo Pérez · Este post, tiene un tiempo, es de este verano, pero es igual de relevante para hablar, tratar y ver qué parámetros utilizamos para realizar una Imagen Corporativa. Espero que lo disfrustéis. · PARIS nueva Imagen Corporativa con motivo de la Eurocopa. · La oficina de turismo de P ...

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Unexpected Cold Afternoon

Laurent Boscherini · The way she came in, · She glanced at you, · She drank her black tea, · She smiles at you, · To change your Satori, · As a new awakening ! · Picture : Paris 3rd arrondissement -Arts et Métiers District (2014) · "

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Morning expresso

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CONCHI BASILIO · El acuerdo de Paris se trata del primer pacto internacional para reducir la emisión de gases contaminantes de efecto invernadero a la atmosfera. Fue ratificado en Paris a finales del año 2015 por casi 200 naciones, entre las que se encuentran EE UU y China, los dos mayores contam ...