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  • Sin estudios
  • Salario 2 500,00 € - 3 000,00 € brutos por hora
  • Barcelona


Our partner is a professional company in the field of geodesy, measurements, industrial precision measurements and other geo-related issues, such as geoinformatics. The company is present both in the Dutch and the international markets.
The Netherlands is a densely populated country. The Netherlands has a road network of 135,000 km in total, with the associated lamp posts, traffic signs, trees and many other "objects". In addition, in the Netherlands most of the infrastructure, such as the sewer system, the gas pipelines, the power lines and the fibre optic cables run underground. Moreover, the Netherlands is constantly changing. A lot of new things are built or rebuilt. For managing these changes and maintaining an optimal quality of life, everything needs to remain transparent. The partner company of Covebo supports the Dutch government, the provinces and the local governments by mapping their environment, and ensuring that the collected data become valuable information.
As a land surveying operator, You will be in charge of various projects, often working independently in the office. You will perform the current land surveying tasks, such as the maintenance and processing of data (among others BAG, BGT (IMGEO)), do calculations, take detailed measurements, height measurements and deformation measurements. You will use various GIS-, CAD- and custom land surveying software packages. You will work with the LisCAD, Giskit, dg DIALOG, MOVE3, AutoCAD and MicroStation programs.
As communication is very important during the projects, You need to speak the English language well, and to show a willingness to learn the Dutch language.
Desired skills:
• ability to work independently
• responsibility
• accuracy
• solution-orientedness
• good communication skills
You need to have a relevant secondary vocational qualification or college diploma, with a few years of professional experience in relevant organizations and/or positions.
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Empresa dedicada a la seleccion de personal altamente cualificado en España para venir a trabajar a Holanda.

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