Descripción de la oferta

Teacher Coordinator


  • Junior (menos de 2 años)
  • Universitarios
  • Salario 15 000,00 € brutos anuales
  • Madrid


Teacher Coordinator.
In Diverbo, language consultancy group, we are currently recruiting a Teacher Coordinator for our successful company.
We are a growing organization that is continually looking for enthusiastic and dedicated staff. We are always looking for professional, dedicated and above all enthusiastic individuals for different positions to work in a multicultural environment.

We currently have over 70 teachers teaching in-company, group and one-to-one classes in small to large companies throughout Madrid, face to face and online. These classes are particularly popular for students who attended the Pueblo Ingles program and want to maintain their level
Basic tasks of Teacher coordinator.
• Organizing timetables and students groups while collaborating in learning plans designing.
• Develop schemes of work and lesson plans.
• Assign teachers to students and groups as well as keeping them updated on schedules, deadlines, start and end dates, assessments, reports and evaluations.
• Update all necessary records regarding the date base, control attendance and invoicing.
• Provide a variety of learning materials and resources to the students.
• Observe and monitoring student’s performance and development to meet students' varying needs and to guarantee clients/companys requests.
Essential requirements:
Relates positively and interacts effectively with teachers, clients and students.
High level of English (C1) and Spanish (bilingual).
Effective time management, documentation and organizational skills.
Ability to work under pressure. Good communication skills.
Highl level of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).
Ability to work under pressure.
Ability to meet deadlines.
Very organized.
Administrative experience is a must.
Ability to manage people.
Attention to detail.
Positive attitude.

Salary: 15.000 euros brutos.
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Sobre la empresa

Acerca de Diverbo,more than Pueblo Ingles:

Enseñanza de idiomas a través del método de aprendizaje natural. Inglés, chino, alemán, francés y español para extranjeros.

Nuestra metodología, basada en el aprendizaje natural de idiomas, reproduce situaciones reales de la comunicación para que los estudiantes se desenvuelvan en el registro oportuno y con la naturalidad y desenvoltura necesaria.

Además, nuestros profesores y voluntarios en los programas residenciales son nativos procedentes de todo el mundo, para que los estudiantes se habitúen a escuchar distintos acentos.

En Diverbo ofrecemos clases en el aula, aula virtual, másteres profesionales - online o presenciales - y programas residenciales.


Idiomas, Inmersión total, Másteres profesionales, Inglés, Chino, Francés, Alemán, Español para extranjeros, Aula virtual

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