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So, people ask me, what is an "IT Solution Architecture"

Andre Vondran · If you · are good at managing projects, leading teams which ultimately means you're good at getting results and working with people... you'll be real miss not to share your skills and expertise that you have. · Solution Architect is Seeking progress.It's truly is about progress n ...

hace 4 años

Time overshadow Action

Laurent Boscherini · The time has come, · Even your past is knocking again, · How many times, · Do you want to see your broken smile? · Just one second can change your belief, · Be careful, you can be fool, · But if you never try, · How can you believe that you are strong? · Time to forget and forgiv ...

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Laurent Boscherini · It is necessary to know · How to tame her, · Shy, careful, secret and reserved, · Not very comfortable in a crowd. · She possesses this discreet charm, · You cannot forget as a viral load. · Natural, simple, reliable in her feelings, · She needs proofs to be reassured. · Her atti ...

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April Fool

Laurent Boscherini · It makes you deeply sick in a lot of ways, · And makes you happy before sad always, · It keeps your eyes open everytime and overtime. · You see it in the steps it takes, · You hear it in the sounds it makes. · Falling in with joy and hope, is it still a crime ? · Remind you how b ...

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Never put all eggs in one basket - Keep LinkedIn but Explore beBee

Javier 🐝 CR · This buzz is inspired by Jeremy Krier's comment on LinkedIn. · Keep LinkedIn but Explore beBee, by Jeremy Krier · I would say ..... Keep LinkedIn , Enjoy beBee! · As we have all heard in the past, the common statement is “DON’T put all of your eggs in one basket.” In most of cas ...

hace 5 años

Detalles :-)

Marta 🐝 García Quijada · Detallazo de la gente de Infojobs y Lid Editorial por participar en el último webinar, comentando cosillas en Twitter.Love it! Muchas gracias! ·   · A los que estáis buscando trabajo os animo a participar en estos eventos si podeis, y comentad o preguntad. Es una forma de daros a ...

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