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Ravenous Raptor Chases Cretaceous Chook-sized Critters.

At last I was off to dinosaur country, that part of outback Queensland renowned in recent decades for its uniquely Australian, Cretaceous aged, fossilised dinosaur bones. It is also famous for being the only place, worldwide, where a dinosaur stampede has been recorded, but more ...

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Something happened

Something happened · In the beginning, something happened. We know something happened by the fact that there is a now. But what exactly happened is up to debate due to one very real reason. None of us were there. And firsthand accounts are suspect. · Some support creation where G ...

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El juego del gato y el ratón

Así altera Facebook las direcciones de sus enlaces para contrarrestar las medidas pro-privacidad de los navegadores

Hace un par de semanas, te explicábamos en estas páginas en qué consistían los 'parámetros de seguimiento' que ciertos sitios web adjuntan a las URLs tras un...

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Ciencia y Tecnología

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Horses with Feathers inside the Scenic Rim

Perhaps Scotty, the 7m high equine wonder, at this year's Boonah ‘Clydesdale Spectacular’ June show, will give you a clue to my blog title. · And why's he blue, do you ask? Well, June is winter ‘down-under’, and even in sunny Queensland, the mornings can get cold enough to hear ...

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Alan Culler


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An Orderly Transition


The Belousov – Zhabotinsky or B-Z reaction is formed by combining several chemicals including a bromine and an acid in a Petrie dish. The solution is unstable, and in a non-equilibrium state it oscillates. The pattern, shown in this photograph, emerges slowly at first little blue dots in a red-brown solution, but accelerates into spirals and curves. 

This reaction was so counter-intuitive that in 1951 when Boris Belousov, who first observed it, tried to publish his findings the journal refused saying he must have got something in the experiment wrong. In 1961 Anatol Zhabotinsky, a grad student was able to reproduce these same effects. 

The B-Z reaction has now been recreated many times. B-Z is one of several non-equilibrium chemical reactions. The Briggs-Rauscher reaction where a beaker oscillates from clear to opaque blue or black in a pattern that can be precisely modeled mathematically.

Oscillation is feature of change in a non-equilibrium state and not just in chemicals. We are all familiar with what happens when one places a microphone too close to a speaker:  “Screeeeeeeeeeeeeek” - feedback!  The sound waves coming from the microphone are amplified through the speakers and the sound waves from the speakers are picked up by the microphone and so on, wave oscillation heard as ear splitting sound. Electric guitarists use this same principle, but control the gain to make distortion, the “dirty” or “fuzz box” sound of heavy metal music and Chicago blues.

The first law of thermodynamics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another. The second law of thermodynamics is that in any closed or isolated system entropy (inevitable decay and decline) always increases. Based upon external input energy (growth) increases, but if the system then remains isolated decline begins. I am not a physicist, but that sounds like a recipe for oscillation.

It says to me that without some external energy input a system’s energy will decline and that system equilibrium requires input-transference balance to avoid a destructive oscillation.

Is this how things break into chaos and how order emerges from chaos? I think so and I think we know this somehow, maybe deep in our DNA. We have expressions like  “two steps forward- one step back” or the depressing inverse “one step forward-two steps back”. We observe “growth spurts”  and “growing pains” in our children, growing things accelerate and level off.

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Jim Murray


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Brand New Day Post 1 - The Mess We're In

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was hopeful the world could start seeing all the environmental challenges it faces on a global scale, confront them and collectively, even cooperatively, figure out a way to deal with them so that the human race and the animal kingdom could, you know, survive, and a real climate crisis could be averted.

I’m saddened to report that, for me at least, that glimmer of hope I had is fading and fading fast. 

It’s fading fast because we are now starting to see the real cost of ‘greening’ the planet in terms of energy expenditure, mining, processing, manufacturing and shipping to create the and periodically replace the things we need to substantially reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

And these costs, are for many countries in the world today, prohibitive, if not impossible to afford.

I hate to sound pessimistic, because the world is a strange place and weird things happen all the time. But in the current state of geopolitics and economics in the world, both the capital and the political will to really conquer these challenges simply do not exist..

There is a lot of bad shit going on, and it’s already starting to happen. The only way to avoid this is for the countries of the world to start cooperating with each other. 

But as long as the fossil fuel industry maintains its stranglehold on the world’s economies, this is simply not going to be possible no matter how many Teslas solar panels and windmills we make.

But many of us are stubborn and not willing to give up, so we will keep crusading and encouraging the capitalists of the world to start putting their money where the future returns will be. 

Supporting fossil fuels and other smokestack industries is no longer in the best interest of our world. There are amazing ideas and opportunities out there In the renewables and recycling sectors. All they need the the chance to grow and become the tools that will provide opportunity and a cleaner world going forward. 

5777 1 \N\N

The Ideas Powering Our Sustainable Future

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I've been sleep deprived lately, so I thought I'd run around the bed several times to catch up on my sleep. · I asked the doctor if he could send me to a sleep specialist and so he gave me an address at the zoo. · When I got there it turned out he'd made an appointment with the ...

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