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Our client is a young, Dutch-based company with great expertise in e-commerce. They have several departments throughout Europe.

They are specialized in slow juicers but they sell a wide range of machines that focus on healthy food, from dry ovens to (vacuum) blenders and slow cookers (Sous vide).

They are ready to take a leap on the Spanish market to expand their company. Therefore they are looking for a native Spanish speaking person, with an excellent knowledge of the English language, ready to take on this adventure.


They need someone that knows all the ins and outs of the Spanish market with an e-commerce background and affinity with entrepreneurship.

It’s a ‘full time’ business. You’ll be translating for the Spanish website, answering phone calls, taking orders, work with Facebook SEO (search engine optimization), look for creative solutions.

You won’t be doing it on your own, the Dutch back office will be your hands-on support at any time.


Experience and knowhow

An exciting job, ready to be filled in the way you see it!

They can deliver a website, ready to use

If needed, they are prepared to financially support you for the first year. After evaluation, they will discuss further plans, including compensation.

On every sale, there’s a 20% to 25% profit. The exact percentage depends on shipping costs and exchange rates (US dollar vs. Euro).


Excellent level of Spanish and English

You know all the ins and outs of the Spanish market

You have an e-commerce background

You are an entrepreneur

You take customer service very serious

You are creative
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