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Stacey Savage

Sotogrande, San Roque, Cádiz

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Acerca de mí:

I am from England, worked 15 years in social services , protecting children. I have worked in schools and nurseries and currently do a holiday camp. I am looking for more work and live in sotogrande. English is my main language , I understand Spanish and am taking classes and want to learn Spanish and reside in spain. 


See the attached CV for my professional experience. Within Covid - I cared for my children at home. 


Curriculum Vitae

Stacey Savage


Personal Profile


A certified social work manager specialising in children's safeguarding with six years management experience and fifteen years’ in frontline safeguarding And childcare. A motivationalconsiderate leader who strives for and achieves excellence, practising and developing a team utilising best practice methods. Systemically, including our agencies and families to ensure every child’s individual needs, experiences and life stories are positively impacted by Local Authority involvement. Being highly passionate and motivated about the service we provide.  I have children at the heart, families being together the goal, caring the motivation, collective / shared learning the will to keep going, law and legislation the rules, the results, come from all working together.  Work include working closely with and supporting others already in post and progressing, strategically minded, but about the children. Highly skilled and adaptable to new situations.

provided education and childcare both abroad and in the UK. Gained the professional role whilst raising my own children. 


Key Skills

• currently working a children’s holiday camp in sorogrande - as I did before university. offering childcare To children and families locally. Fun and education are my passion. I am highly trained within children’s development and am a mother to three children myself. 


• Child focussed / Family focussed approach.

• Passionate about children, safeguarding children – throughout my whole working life.

• Knowledgeable about law and legislation and how to apply.

• Passionate about my staff, supportive with strategies of managing a stressful but needed job.

• Successful service manager- with a district team of 50 plus including Clinician’s for therapeutic intervention.  All permanent and won award for quality in the county.

• Managed serious case with failings, managed the team, work, and aftermath. Alongside the children, family and professionals.

• Able to manage complaints and developmental issues. Professional registration issues / disciplinary / grievance etc.

• Written ‘lessons learnt and needs to know’ following complex cases managed by LA.

• Reviewed serious case reviews and reviewed practices to correlate.

• Creative methodology – incorporating ‘systems’ shared aims with agencies / families / shared learning. to progress ‘all’ children.

• Able to promote LA ethos – practising a whole system approach.

• Able to manage finance and budgets and find internal methods of saving money but creating services needed in the area.

• Commended for a ‘quality’ social work team’.

• Inspirational leader / confident in development

• Managed and worked children from referral to adoption and long term foster care. Maintained those relations between birth and adoptive parents, provided quality life story books. Teaching workers how to do this, which will help children in adolescent years, particularly with identity and complexities of social media.  

• Excellent feedback from team members. 

• Personable and approachable.

• Life experience / child development. 

• Supporting training and improving practice – lead a county wide reform educating other agencies.

• Supporting analysis/ applying theory and research. 

• Motivational interviewing.

• Continuous training that include signs of safety, systemic practice, family safeguarding, think tank, PAMS, age assess, PPR, etc. However, focus is on the individual and application of the law and legislation utilising the models, theories and tools to find the ‘right’ way to work with a family.

• Pro-active, creative, fun and friendly team player, the team ethos we care and we get it right.


October 2019 – february 2020. 
Project Team Manager


Engaged on a short-term project to manage a team and clear a backlog of unallocated cases and look at cases with considerable drift to bring back within statutory guidelines.


• Managed cases within CIN/CP/LAC/PLO

• Provided management oversight on cases and allocated to team

• Managed a team of 8 Social Workers, 1 Family Support Worker and 1 Business Support

• Provided weekly management information to Senior Managers

• Ensured team provided excellent social work practise and quality reports

• Audited reports

• Supervisions

• Chairing strategy discussions and undertaking s47

• Providing strategic development plan to Southampton

• Met with OFSTED and supported the development at the time

• Managed a ‘hub’ model and was provided cases for the team to ‘progress’ / work ‘creatively’.


RFL – End of Project




Feb 2019 – Oct 2019 Lincolnshire county council

Practise Supervisor


RFL – Permanent role – took a step down to be closer to home, personal circumstances, however biggest regret, quickly required more of a challenge.


• Managed a team of 8 Social Workers within CIN/ CP / LAC

• Practice development co—Ordinator

• Provided data and Management information to senior leaders

• Supervisions

• Case Conferences, Audits

• Management oversight on all cases

• Court work lead.


March 2014 – Feb 2019 Cambridgeshire county council

District Safeguarding Manager


Service manager for Fenland area teams covering March, Chatteris, Whittelsey and Wisbech. Built a team over five years from one permanent worker to 50 plus. Recruited, developed and managed 8 team managers, 40 social workers, 5 family support workers, 7 business support workers, 3 clinicians. Had to manage and reduce budget whilst improving social work and gaining a building space.



• Budget accountability

• Improving the LA / OFSTED prep

• Serious case reviews

• Managing complaints / Ombudsman trained

• Overall case oversight

• Completing Development and training to staff

• Chairing resource panels / MARAC

• County lead for child sexual exploitation – chaired MASE – worked alongside police certain ops.

• Networking with other agencies and delivering service plans

• Strategic management

• Accountability for the area’s children and staffing – approx. 800 children


Feb 2013 – March 2014 Peterborough city council               

Advanced practitioner in assessment team


• Initial / cores assessment

• Chairing strategy discussions and undertaking s47

• Taking cases to ICPC

• Managing CIN / CP / NRTPF / homelessness / FGM


Feb 2012 – Feb 2013 Lincolnshire county council  

SW to Advance prac

• CIN/ CP /LAC etc

• PAMS trained and lead

• Sexual harm lead

Rotherham Borough council Sep 2010 – Feb 2012

Long term CP / safeguarding team

Fostering / safeguarding / CIN CP LAC

Lucy Faithful Foundation- specialist trained in sex offenders / PPRTC


Education and Qualifications

2010 BA in SW 2:1 with graduate award recognising full time employment alongside study and raising my children / volunteering in a homeless shelter. Leadership and Management certificate.

Prior to training as a social worker and whilst training managed a children centre.


A levels in Psychology, sociology, law and policy, English language and literature

NVQ level 5 in childcare and development

GCSE’s x 10 – left secondary school in 2000 went to college to do NVQ in childcare and education



• PAMS Assessor

• Advanced safeguarding

• Leadership and management

• Systemic practice

• Age assessments

• Developing practitioners

• Child sexual exploitation – Lucy Faithfull foundation

• Direct work

• Working with resistant families

• Managing SW practitioners

• Signs of safety

• Motivational interviewing

• Joint investigations into child abuse

• Multi agency working

• Serious case reviews

• Ombudsman

• First aid

• Trauma informed practice

• Working with children with disabilities  

• Advanced court skills

• Managing LA budgets / finding cost saving resources and services

• LA law and legislation – advanced awareness


Delivered training on – Systemic SW practice, CSE, LA strategies, SOS, working with resistant families, Risk Assessments, team days, child development, safeguarding.

Managed a children’s centre in Sheffield until SW role in Sep 2010

Working with children and families aged birth – 16 years.

Creating groups / educational activities / caring for children

 worked for Tui travel as a ‘children’s rep’ from 2003-2005 - children from birth to 16 years. 


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