Ruben Lopez Garcia

Ruben Lopez Garcia

Barcelona, Barcelona

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Acerca de mí:

Hello! I am a 21 year old Spanish man that edits videos since October 2020. I enjoy specially gaming-related videos, but can work on anything!

Other Channels below! (Tiktok @therubenazomc)


  • May 2019 – September 2017: Higher Level Training Cycle – 3D Animation, games & interactive environments in Jesuitas Sant Ignasi, Sarriá 
  • June 2017 - September 2015: High School in Pare Enric D’Ossó


Juanuary 2019 - June 2019: Intern Video Editor in Link To Media

  • Create and manage multiple youtube channels: UnComo, Experto Animal, OnSalus and Psicología Online.

May 2021 - Present Time: Freelance Video Editor in Jellysmack

  • Edit videos from the Original Source (Youtube) to other platforms: Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok for the channels in the Creator Program (CJ So Cool, The Funk Bros, Della Vlogs…)

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