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Rishi Daryanani

Rishi Daryanani

Web Developer | Software Engineer
Barcelona, Barcelona


Sobre Rishi Daryanani:

I am a skilled Web Developer with a passion for coding. I excel in problem-solving and a dedicated tech enthusiast, always eager to learn and adapt to new technologies. My commitment lies in achieving success in developing applications and web solutions, with the goal to deliver high-quality code.

In addition to my technical expertise, I bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, particularly in digital marketing, online sales, and managing teams across European and Asian markets. I have a proven track record in navigating global marketplaces and ensuring seamless operations.

I thrive in multicultural environments, effectively managing third-party relationships to guarantee high client satisfaction and meet their needs promptly and efficiently. My proficiency extends to coordinating sales and purchasing teams, ensuring optimal performance and results.

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Web designing, e-commerce operations, market places management, sales strategy and development

Accomplishments: Developed Market Places

• Developer with a remarkable track record of driving the success of major marketplaces.
• Crafted captivating webpages that delivered exceptional user experience.
• Showcased outstanding expertise in optimizing marketplace performance and delivering great website development.


During my studies in Computer Engineering, I gained comprehensive knowledge in various aspects of computer hardware, software development, and systems engineering. The program provided a solid foundation in digital electronics, network protocols, and programming languages such as Assembly, Java and C++.

In addition to these core subjects, I also honed my skills in Linux and Unix systems administration, becoming proficient in managing and configuring these operating systems. I gained hands-on experience with database management systems, including MySQL and Oracle, which included designing and optimizing database structures.


9-week Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp. With over 800 hours of coding experience, I gained expertise in various technologies, including:

Mastered core technologies and methodologies that drive modern web development. This encompassed JavaScript ES6, React, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Express, MongoDB and many other essential tools, including Google Maps API, Nodemailer, Axios, Bcrypt, Regex, Express Sessions, Express JWT, Multer, Morgan, React-Player, Google Material UI, Bootstrap, and ANT Design.

Learnt version control skills with Git, for collaboration and project management. The bootcamp ingrained agile methodologies, fostering adaptability and efficiency in development practices. Solid foundation, enabling me to create end-to-end web solutions.

With emphasized on responsive design, guaranteeing seamless performance across devices and continuous integration and delivery processes. Proficiency in frontend frameworks, backend development, API integration, and RESTful APIs,

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