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Reinaldo Ramirez Alvarez


Sobre Reinaldo Ramirez Alvarez:

Senior Professional with over 30 years experience as Technical Director and Manager ensuring performance and managing the operations value chain of strategic business for the Energy sector (Natural Energy Resources).

Lead and implemented projects, related but not limited to; HSE, P&L, Technology deployment, financial results, Planning and coordination of operations implementing and tracking KPI´s to ensure smooth operations, operational excellence, legal aspects related to contracts performance, sales, etc. on a national and international scale. 

Extensive experience working with multidisciplinary teams in privates, governments companies, service-line companies and government entities, investigating customer satisfaction and solving problems.

Solid background related to the preparation and execution of all technical aspects driving the business to increase profits.


2018 – Actual

RamRei Energy

Consultant Services

Technology and Operations Director (Natural Energy Resources)


  • Evaluation of Multiple opportunities to develops Oil, Gas and Geothermal Projects
  • Holistic and Deterministic analysis of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Projects
  • Studies of price and costs related to Oil, Gas, Geothermal, Wind and PV farms. (€/Mw)
  • Optimization of the design of wind farms taking into account different criteria such as trails, available land, restrictions
  • Prepared Studies and Proposals to develop projects for energy savings within industrial facilities like O&G, Petrochemicals, Food processing, etc.  with PV and Geothermal and thermosolar as energy sources
  • Geothermal projects development under PNIEC regulations
  • Establish model for the control of Energy organizations under COVID 19 scenario and the new reality.
  • Onshore and offshore operations performance under COVID 19 scenario and the new reality.
  • Diagnosis on the current operation model to propose solutions for functional structure to enhance productivity
  • Define information requirements for the various decision-makers within the company partners/consultants.
  • Specify plans to implement an information system to support the online office management.
  • Establish support model for the control of organizations for Energy industrial purposes.
  • Carry out a careful analysis of the operation of the current system of the corporation.
  • Make diagnosis on the current mode of operation and propose solutions for functional structure to enhance productivity
  • Define information requirements for the various decision-makers within the corporation.
  • Specify plans to implement an information system to support the management of the corporation.
  • Leading sales and partnerships for the CCUS Venture, as a consultant on CCUS client projects.
  • Building and developing the business development skills and activities of the CCUS team. 


Some outstanding achievements in this position: 

  • Decreased projects delivery time applying Scrum Methodology
  • Enhanced Procurement and Contracts process by creating dedicated team and sprints for delivery
  • Define EOR production management system to slash Opex costs
  • Important Customers: Hydrocarbon Finder, Gulf Energy SAOC, WEP, PetroSantander GMBH, Ecopetrol, SOGOS


2014 – 2018

Independent Producer in Spain

General Manager and Business Development (Natural Energy Resources)


  • Assets Management
  • Operations, HSE, integrity, production, P&L, clients contact relations, business development and sales.
  • Business strategy, Contracts Management, Project management, Execution, Plans and Optimization.
  • Market understanding and Opportunity management process.
  • Coordinate supply of crude and ensure highest service quality.
  • Invoicing and relevant administration for contracts and offers T&C.
  • Overall budget and cost control.
  • Supervision and Preparation of Tenders under EPC projects.

Some outstanding achievements in this position: 

  • Increased production level 50%
  • Increased product market share 100%
  • Achieved Opex cost reduction by 50%
  • Define and Implemented new production management system slashing Opex cost 50%
  • Negotiate with local union company shutdown achieving agreement in full compliance with local rules and no extra costs for company.


2013 – 2014 Equinor (former Statoil)

Technology and Operations Manager (Natural energy Resources)

JV bidding partnership consortium with confidentiality agreement.


  • Sr. Project Management.
  • Negotiation and arrangements for Executive Management approvals.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Contracts and Logistics
  • Manage processes; detect risks and areas of improvement.
  • Promote customer orientation to the entire organization and updates changes of the management system.
  • Governance of the database and information management (Planning, performance and analysis of the operations, Real time monitoring, automation, integrity, interpretation, and reporting)
  • Guide/supervise, develop and lead personnel in the belonging organization.
  • Develops and integrate global knowledge, skills, stakeholder engagement, and contracts strategy
  • Safety, Health and Environment and Operational Excellence

Some outstanding achievements in this position: 

  • Challenge existing partner’s practices to eliminate cost recovery and inappropriate partners’ costs. Savings by 23% of non-recovery costs
  • Put in place high anti-corruptions standards within a harsh environment. Eliminating 30% of non-compliances.
  • Increased the final products delivery by 10%
  • Important Customers: TOTAL, Equinor, PDVSA, Ministry of Energy



Global Technology and Operational Excellence Manager (Natural Energy Resources and Services)


  • Support all technical aspects related with international operations.
  • Perform risks assessments and mitigation plans of new projects
  • Responsible for the internationals tenders evaluation/proposals
  • New business opportunities, strategies for deploying new ventures
  •  Strategy of the company to technical requirements.
  •  Define with corporate the best approach according to market and contracting conditions. (EPC, EPICOM, IS, Maintenance)
  • Reports to the BOD the risk assessments and new opportunities results.
  • Maximize sales of a business unit account(s) within the covered region, building sales and managing task force in the company affiliates.
  • Audits for new business opportunities
  • Monitor the correct implementation of new ventures and report progress to the BOD.
  • Provide leadership for Contract maintenance and opportunity mining to drive higher profits and assure contracts are being followed as agreed to.
  • Conduct business in accordance with the FCPA and Core Values. 
  • Coach and provide career development advice as appropriate.

Some outstanding achievements in this position:

  • Deployed new ventures and opened branches in Russia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina within Budget and time frame
  • Created and Implemented the Logistics Management System for deployment of new ventures. Resulting in savings over 25%.
  • Built new organizations incorporating local workforce with inmersive training plan which resulted in savings of 30% of learning curve timing
  • Challenge the New ventures with a merge and acquisition strategy which resulted in an increased footprint and consequently increased sales over 20% with same ROI
  • As Technical advisor leverage fit for purpose technology and industry best practices in a safe, cost effective and timely manner achieving savings for 10 to 15% per contract signed.
  • Developed accounts in the geography. Long term contracts with the benefit of an increased level of relationship and technical understanding.
  • Developed the Safety Management System implementing international standards for Call for Tenders and Contracts management, reduciong the time to prepare a call for tender by 35%
  • Important customers: Pemex, Oxy, Lukoil, Gazprom, Repsol, ADCO, KOC, Total, EXXON, Chevron and Equinor (former Statoil)


2007 – 2010 HALLIBURTON 

Sr. Consultant for Middle East (Natural Energy Resources and Services)


  • Sr. Projects Manager
  • Coordinate the project’s execution interacting with Exploitation Managers, Quality Control, Operations, Contracting, and with the country managers’ stakeholders during the project’s execution. 
  • Lead together with the Marketing Manager and the Service-line Managers, the related aspects in order to cover strategy of integrated projects and assess new business opportunities. 
  • Responsible for identifying new opportunities and manage them through the opportunity risk assessment process.
  • Responsible to Coordinates the delivery to ensure highest service quality is achieved.
  • Engineering Manager.
  • P&L, clients contact relations, marketing & sales of consultancy services
  • Responsible for planning, coaching and mentoring consultants assigned to other projects in the Middle East region.
  • Administrate invoicing, receivables collection, and other relevant administrative tasks as required.

Some outstanding achievements in this position:

  • Defined the market strategy for the provision of business lines service contracts. Awarded 5 contracts for 5 MUS$
  • Designed the integrated services tendering strategy for the exploitation’s development and received awarded for 20 MUS$
  • As Engineering Manager, mentored the multidisciplinary team for the preparation of the EPC contract for the delivery of equipment and goods for the amount of 456 MUS$ reducing the tender preparation process by 15%.
  • Important customers: NDC, ExxonMobil, ZADCO, ADCO, Bentec, NOV, Shandong, RG Petro, TOTAL, KOC, ARAMCO.


 Sr. Project Manager / Business development for Engineering – México (Natural Energy Resources and Services)


  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Planning, operations and EPC contract management.
  • Negotiate with Country Managers for the different Service lines the win-win terms and conditions
  • Financial results for the assigned projects
  • Implementation and approval of sale plans.
  • Identifying sales opportunities and manages them through the opportunity management process.
  • Coordinates the logistics to ensure highest service quality is achieved.
  • Administrates the invoicing, receivables collection, and other sales relevant administrative tasks as required.
  • Marketing & sales business systems

Some outstanding achievements in this position:

  • Enhance the operation and slashing the learning curve during initial stages reducing costs by over 3 Millions US$.
  • Improved the line of business for Project Management consulting services by offering new technology tools and increasing sales by 2,5 Millions US$.
  • Manage the Real Time Operations and Visualisation Centre reducing risks by 50%


1998 – 2007 SINCOR 

Joint Venture by TOTAL, PDVSA and Equinor (former Statoil)

Project and Engineering Manager (Natural Energy Resources)/Logistics Manager for Production Division (Natural Energy Resources)


  • Engineering Manager
  • Manager Contracts and procurement
  • Manage Construction and Operations
  • Manage Budgets, cost control, tender strategies contracts preparation and procurement of goods and services for 1000 million US$/year.
  • Cooperate with the preparation Joint Venture standards, policies and procedures.
  • Manage the project portfolio.
  • Coordinate with Contracts and Procurement to obtain the best prices for third parties services and tangibles.
  • Responsible for the evaluation and source competitive contracts such as rigs, slick line, well testing, etc.

Some outstanding achievements in this position: 

  • Saved $1260 million by reducing construction time by 70% through a variety of cost-improvement initiatives through better utilization of resources.
  • Reduce costs 35% (US$ 252000 annually) by improving safety plans and implementing employee training, management accountability and equipment security.
  • Cut the replacement costs by 50% and increased on-time delivery from 80% to 95% using Kaizen approach to  logistics issues.
  • Activelly participate building a company with all value chain for natural energy resources with a multimillion US$ investment and receive an award in recognition for the job done. Build an organization based on Operational excellence that accelerated the rate of return of investment with early production two year in advance.
  • Put in place an incentive contract strategy according to the needs of each Project. Achieving savings up to 50% during the projects executions
  • Implemented test of new tools and work techniques, with risk share agreements achieving time savings up to 20%

1997 – 1998 ARCO

Head of Engineering 


1994 – 1997 TOTAL S.A. 

Senior Engineer / HSE Leader


Community of Madrid

CP Docencia Profesional                                                                                    IESA                                                                                                  UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE

Advanced Management Program – PAG – MBA                     MSc in Mechanical Engineering – Energy Process

Rike University                                                                              UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE

MSc Petroleum Engineering                                                       BSc Mechanical Engineering – Power Generation

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