Nestor Marchesi

Nestor Marchesi

Alicante, Alicante

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engineering Freelancer

Acerca de mí:

Néstor Marchesi a Licensed Aircraft Engineer with many years of experience on Maintenance Repair Organizations as Station, Line and Base Maintenance Engineer.

I hold a Flight Dispatcher License and Mechanical Technician.

Excelent knowledge to move around the airplanes and inside the airports Tarmac, Dangerous goods, Material safety data sheets, as coordinator un the platform checking refueler yankee, belt conveyor, Catering trucks, Ramp agent toug motors.

Many thanks for Your time and consideration. I hope Could fit Your need.

Yours sincerely

Néstor Marchesi


Mechanical Technician, National School of Technical Education.

Licensed Aircraft Engineer, National Institute of Civil Aviation.

Flight Dispatcher, Technological Profesional Aeronáutical School.




Aviation, Aircraft Engineer, Inspector, Team leader, Night shift chief on hangar, Production Manager.

De-icing anti-icing airplanes on ground, fluids quality checks and Instructor.

Underground Railway, electro-mechanic division, Catenary Air Lines.

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