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Leandro Gastón Peruzzotti

Leandro Gastón Peruzzotti

Executive IT leader - Product, Presales & Projects
Valencia, Valencia


Sobre Leandro Gastón Peruzzotti:

Executive IT leader focused on managing Services, Processes and Resources for business transformation & modernization.

I aim to develop my skills in IT management and guide companies towards the digital world, transforming reactive areas into strategic and valuable ones. My passion lies in managing change in organizations towards digital success, which requires a holistic approach.

My technical background in electronics and telecommunications, combined with marketing and strategic leadership experience, has prepared me to manage projects and programs for various companies.

I have found my calling at Huenei, where I manage products, design pre-sales strategies, and focus on customer success.


Experiencia laboral

04/2022-> Hoy día.                                                       Huenei                                                                                                                      Ciudad de BsAs 

Customer Success Office - Manager

Customer Success is a concept, in a total quality philosophy; its a concrete form of practice, which implies a high level of maturity, with a high level of performance. It was born as a commitment to provide value from pre-sales to the entire service lifecycle; it has been moving along paths that fill us with joy, excellently received by our internal teams, our consultants and developers, who are the ones who make the organization great for our customers. I lead this transformation with pride and passion.
Customer Success is composed of the different areas of expertise that make up the Practice I lead (as manager): Product, Presales, Business Readiness and Customer Engagement; what we sell, how we tailor it to the specific needs of each customer, how we prepare the best output from the best service team in a timely manner, and finally, the focus on managing the SUCCESS of it, the management of our customers' expectations in relation to their internal objective of why the service was sought.
Customer Success aims to address the relationships with our customers, giving a real content to the concept of Partnership, always marketing but almost never concrete in the practice of value; (managing expectations, and aligning our work with the objectives of our customers, having as a floor - and not as a ceiling - World Class service levels with metrics associated with Productivity [Performance + Continuity]. Customer Success is the bridge between the market and the organization, and between the Business Development areas (sales), and different sectors of the Operating Office.

08/2020-> 03/2022                                                      Huenei                                                                                                                      Ciudad de BsAs 

Head of Presales & Product Mkt

My work is based on the creation of an area within HUENEI that did not exist before, which consists of both the functions and / or tasks related to the consultative pre-sales, as well as the tasks related to the product MKT.

HUENEI is in a moment where it is looking for a leap of VALUE in its commercial relationship with its clients, wanting to position itself not as a Manpower supplier (Staff Augmentation, Body Shopping), and/or a Software Factory that sells hours of development, but as the Technological Partner - with focus on development and Outsourcing of applications - for the markets of Argentina, Chile, Mexico and USA.

Within this challenge, my contribution is to be the transmission chain that allows to execute the global strategy of the company, creating the particular solutions for each proposal, interacting with the different technical sectors (PMO, Service Delivery, Team Leaders, Infrastructure, etc).

Some of the tasks/responsibilities of the function this time:

  • Definition of the product portfolio, and within it the specific scope of each Product/Service. Generation of a specific pricing for each Product/Service, and for each geography.

Material, content and definitions per service:

  • Definition, scope and objective of the service
  • Variants of the service                                                                              
  • Web content
  • Success stories
  • Technical proposal template
  • Presentation PPT
  • Sales force training material


  • Work on the different generic proposals to frame them within the conceptual "umbrella" of service management proposed by ITIL, focusing on continuity, predictability and service level management.
  • Creation of a knowledge base where experiences, videos, documents, lectures, etc. can be found in order to generate the necessary skills so that each Acount Manager can develop with increasing autonomy, and with an increasing focus on value services.
  • Training to the sales forces in each of the geographies to generate in them the confidence and knowledge necessary to position HUENEI as a technological partner, being themselves consultants of the products/services of the portfolio.


Acting as a distribution chain between the Business Development areas and the Operations Office, I lead and/or actively collaborate in the following points:


  • New trends, R&D management, dissemination of initiatives, R&D applied to customers.
  • Competitor analysis, new customer needs.
  • Customer reference management (Clutch, Goodfirms, videos).
  • Liaison with technology partners (Microsoft, AWS, etc.).
  • Industry development: needs research, writing materials, content generation, webinars.
  • Technologies: specialist management, new technologies, background, content generation, webinars. 
  • Processes and methodologies: content generation, webinars.
  • Internal dissemination of service modalities, processes, methodologies, etc.
  • Assembling of success stories and background by technology, industry, country. 
  • Content generation and dissemination: notes, videos, webinars, workshops.
  • Transformation of services


01/2020-> 07/2020                                                      AA2000/Huenei                                                                                        Ciudad de BsAs 

PMO Head at AA2000 - Sr. Project Manager.

Project Roadmap Management for the Demand Management of the Systems and IT Managements.

● A discussed and agreed Roadmap, without surprises in the allocation of $$$$, HR and/or priorities.

● A unified management from the Systems management, based on PMO governance data, which allows to manage with data, rather than with feelings.

● A complete and updated dashboard.

Support to PMs of Ongoing Projects in all that refers to work methodologies, at the moment 32 ongoing projects, 29 ON HOLD, with 9 of the 11 IT Managements involved and 22 different PM's Coaching to PMs and/or managements that are initiating projects:

● Lifecycle management, communications management, differentiating project complexity.

● Follow-up at the time of important milestones, especially before project closures or scope changes.

● Project Charter preparation and presentation, (to be able to clearly define a Scope, and separate it from the Objective. To have a clear Project Organization Chart. A matrix of roles and responsibilities. A communication matrix. A Roadmap agreed with the technical areas involved.

● A successful Kickoff in the face of the "customers" of the project in question.

● At this point, normalize the situation so that it is consistent with what is expressed in A.

Short-term objective: To generate knowledge and confidence in the PM about the material with which he/she is going to work, because without Ownership there is no possibility of managing a project. Leadership as a construction based on clear management techniques common to all. Stabilization in the generation of 100% of Status Reports - Correct management of communications (setting of expectations), by the PM in the projects.

Medium term objective (i.e. within 6 months, with appreciable results in the next two months): work on the quality of the reports, taking each month a different IT management to channel a work of health & quality of the project in detail. Increased granularity of indicators. Project roadmap outside IT. Generate from the very beginning of every project a predictable and orderly way of working, which impacts on Cost Management and Risk Management, in an orderly and comprehensive manner.

This position was aborted in the month of July 2020 after 4 months of being completely closed the Airports in Argentina, and without clear perspectives of how and when it would resume operations. As it was initially an outsourcing position from Huenei Consulting, when payments to all suppliers were cut by AA2000, my work destiny when the payment chain was cut, should have been to wait to get on a new account. Seeing my performance, and knowing my performance, I was proposed to take over the tasks I am currently performing. Thus, having developed an excellent work, I was involved in a change of job perhaps in one of the most "strange" moments of recent times.... and it was a success, and a great learning experience.


2019                                                                              Practia Global                                                                                                                  Ciudad de BsAs 

Project Manager Sr.

  • Project Manager at Cargill Argentina, leading different projects, working with worldwide distributed teams, both internal and external.
  • Management of Out of Scope of GOL Project (Glucovil), 150,000 USD Budget, 4 Months Project time. 250 Administrative users/ Financial areas outside of business (CBS Rosario). Plant located in San Luis, technical teams in Buenos Aires and Sao Pablo (Brazil).
  • SAP Deploy in replacement of JDE ERP for Arg. Ingredients: 550000 USD in mode Roll Out. Implementation modules:  CO, FI and MM. 4 Months Project time. 12 users in the BU, plus external administrative and accounting functions.

2018                                                                         Summa Solutions                                                                                                 Ciudad de BsAs -Tandil

Projects Coordinatior (PM Sr SDM)

  • Direction and project management, coordination, implementation and control of tasks. Software Development Planning, identifying possible problems, setting priorities and actions in order to comply with the expected delivery times.
  • Manage all projects aspects, including the coordination of developers and designers. Budget managements, delivery times and reporting.
  • Main point of contact for the client, carrying communication on daily basis and informing the progress of the tasks.
  • Collaborate with commercial management in the detection of new business opportunities.
  • Prepare the performance evaluations of the personnel in charge according to the Evaluation Process, work with HR in order to take retention actions. Training needs Detection for personnel in charge.
  • Quality Identification and reporting of any nonconformity issue on Company's System.

2015 – 2017                                                          Swiss Medical Group                                                                           Ciudad de BsAs.

Project Manager Sr

  • PM of the final stage of implementation and roll out - Vertical Health Program [PVS] - at Los Arcos Clinic, the first Hot Spot to be implemented in a 3 years program.

PVS: Digital Clinical History and comprehensive multi-clinical management. Service Delivery Manager coordinating multiple tasks and groups; The PVS means great operational and cultural change in a 20th years organization with 12,000 employees, that require senior skills with mastery management on risk variables in order to generate the necessary synergies to accomplish the restructuration needed.

  • PM in charge of Support and Continuous Improvement - Vertical Health Program.
  • IT Support: responsible for the correct operation of the system, giving users assistance and guaranteeing the correct execution in quality and performance of the HW and SW components. 
  • System Facilitator for guarantee correct operation and functionalities in accordance with contract agreed.
  • Continuous Improvement: Actions and process execution timely within the multiple assistance units.

2012 – 2015                                                          Telefónica Empresas                                                                  Ciudad de BsAs.

Data Center & Outsourcing Product Marketing Manager

  • Redefinition of the business strategy, and direct sales new positioning actions, consultative sales, etc.
  • Demand Generation, price policy and market segmentation target; Evaluation and definition of Product’s Mix.
  • Implementation of advisor documentation package for an efficient management of the operational, consultative sales, customer service areas to facilitate the CLIENT experience focus.
  • Launching work and defining of new products: DBaaS, TIERing Storage, Monitoring as a service, DRaaS.
  • Budget management for all classic Data Center products.
  • Planning and implementation of the Change Management process at the inter-operational level for Business products and services. Change Management Client Portal Implementation. Documentation, Narratives, etc

2012 – 2012                                                                        Allianz                                                                                            Ciudad de BsAs.

Head of the PMO - Position aborted due to strategic rethinking of the area at international level.

  • Creation and commissioning of the Project Management Office (PMO). Staff selection. Creation of metrics. Evaluation Process for systems areas.
  • Project Manager in the implementation of a Project Development Methodology (Software, IT, Systems), by Huddle Argentina.

2010 – 2012                                                                     IPLAN (NSS S.A.)                                                                                                          Ciudad de BsAs.

Data Center Product & Marketing Manager

  • Acquisition Business Plan for Construction of new DC in Buenos Aires (Owner). Project completed in Parque Patricios - RinGo Data Center.
  • Definition of the Data Center Solutions Portfolio. Products strategy.
  • Implementation of Platforms 1 - N in Virtualization and Consolidation of Servers and Managed Services.
  • Redefinition of pricing, margins, discounts and bundeling policy. Campaigns, press, etc.

 2011 – 2016                                                                     Antis Outdoor                                                        Ciudad de BsAs./ Mendoza

Training Group Coordination

  • Personal Trainer in charge of coordinating groups and training in Bs.As.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the physical, emotional and motivational factors of the individual and the group, for the achievement of specific and long-term objectives.
  • Specialization in HiiT, muscle conditioning and running.

2001 – 2010                                             Global Crossing / Impsat F.N. inc.                                                                                                         Ciudad de BsAs.

Product Marketing Manager – Data Center (Oct/2004 - 2010)

  • Product development and definition; development of procedures and definition of business processes. Management portfolio of products, contracts, catalogs, scopes, SLA´s, Pricing, etc; support and instruction to sales forces. Market analysis and positioning.

Project Manager – 2nd Level Specialist Data Center & IT Solutions – (2001. /2004)

  • Development and implementation of processes and definition of roles for ITCM and ITIL models. Project manager on VIP accounts.

2000 – 2001                                                                 MetroRed                                                                                                                                  Ciudad de BsAs.

Service Manager

  • Link between VIP clients and the different technical sectors. OLA and SLA Service definition.

1998 – 2000                                                                        TTI                                                                                           Ciudad de BsAs.

Network ADMIN, Sys Admin & TAM           

  • Responsible of the computer center for the project: "secretary of social development": 5 support technicians in charge + park of 300 PCs, 20 Printers all of that in 3 buildings with their data and telephone links.

1996 – 1998                                                            Cronon Tecnología SRL                                                                                                   Ciudad de BsAs. Senior Hardware & Software Support [comprehensive]

  • Technical manager (On site TAM) in charge of accounts for HP: Telintar, TECO and PepsiCo Snack´s.


Academic Journey

1998–2008                                                     Universidad de Buenos Aires                     

  • BS / Sociology. Academic average (38 subjects of the degree): 8.57 – Cum Laude

1990–1995                                           Escuela Técnica Nº28 “República francesa”

  • Electronic Technician (orient .: Telecommunications). Cum Laude
  • Work grant in Olivetti Arg. 1995
  • Member of the team that participated in the Telecommunications Olympics at the Blas Pascal University (Córdoba) 1995 - 3rd place.


  • MB&L Academy of SALES x 42 hours of training (on-site coaching and individual mentoring). Phases of the sale. Funnel management. Management of objetions. 2015
  • Introduction to the Project Management Course, by Eng. A. Ferrero of the PMCollege. (35 Hrs). Pre-Certification in progress PMI College. Certification in progress.
  • Several courses related to IT and telecommunications, (networking, routing, protocols, OS, applications, etc.), SAPTEC and SAP01 courses in SAP Argentina. (Detail on request). Infinity of courses and training in IT and Technical Support.
  • NLP courses at the Pirovano Hospital. Various courses, (ILVEM Education), Public Speaking, presentations, etc. ● Training in Ontological Coaching to facilitate group management and achievement of objectives in high performance (sports, organizational, etc).
  • Effective Presentations Course taught by Ernts & Young.
  • UBA Professor with subjects in FSOC and UBAXXII from 2001 to 2006.
  • Good command of the English language. Basic German (Learning in progress).

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