Anna Valadzko

Anna Valadzko

Barcelona - Barcelona

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Acerca de mí:

My vision: Top Language Coach opening you the opportunities all around the world.
My mission: Help my students to discover their talents and strengths. Create an innovative and effective strategy to guide them.Teach them how to learn. Show that they CAN achieve their
more important goals.


Degree in Education and Hispanic and English literature. MGLU (Linguistics University of Minsk), Belarus
New Technologies course and Information for teaching Annual Course: ICT with Emilio Rosselló
Trainer for trainees Fundación Paco Puertas
How to teach Catalan as a foreign language Instituto Europeo de Idiomas
Course of effective strategies for learning foreign languages, MGLU (Linguistics University of Minks), Belarus
Coaching for teachers, ( 324h) MGLU (Linguistics University of Minks), Belarus
Russian for foreigners: Effective learning techniques.
(40h) MGLU (Linguistics University of Minks), Belarus


CEO, English Language Coach and Language Teacher (Spanish, Russian) ESINI FORMACION (ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL DE IDIOMAS) Director of a training centre, however, to not only focus on the admin side and to be able to lead the education side effectively; I also teached adult professionals, mostly directors and managers from multinational companies, children from infants to teenagers and I also trained teacher trainees on different topics.

My Coaching for teaching studies have allowed me to create some authoritative resources to have solutions. If you learn how to find a time for your learning, you are constant and you follow my simple and effective tips, at the end of the
course you will smoothly and fluently speak the language that you are studying, not only gaining some quality learning but also enjoying the process.
Language Coach,
Founder &CEO El REGALO LANGUAGES Video School I teach languages since 22 years ago, and as a good professional I observed that students have often the same problems when learning a language: they usually have a good
academical knowledge about the subject, however they don’t know how to use it. My Coaching for teaching studies have allowed me to create some authoritative resources to have solutions:
Mindful Learning.
The video school “ El Regalo ” gently but firmly introduces you in the
Language Coaching world, that blends the academic knowledge with resources that give you the opportunity of seeing not only your barriers, but also the tools you need to transform your challenges
into your opportunities, it
selects the most useful techniques for you and it teaches you how to incorporate them efficiently in your daily life.

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