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Andrea Riviere

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Acerca de mí:

My classes are student based and I easily adapt to students´ learning styles and needs. My interests in communication and language are informed by a strong belief that raising awareness about what we do with language is a crucial part of generating nurturing environments that help people thrive in their areas of interest.

I have more than 12 years of teaching and language coaching experience, with a focus on pedagogical strategies based on students’ unique learning styles. Having worked in different high-performance schools and prestigious universities and companies in Bogotá, I know the importance of building meaningful bonds for learning and social processes. 

While living in Spain my main activity has been English exam preparation, as well as business and English teaching for specific purposes. Also, I have worked as a language consultant and interpreter, and I have given lectures on strategic communication for business people, both in English and Spanish.
I excel in the areas of English, Spanish and Literature, and I pride myself on planning, implementing and delivering varied curricular activities that involve constant research, production and attention to learning processes. 



  • 01/18 - on hold: PhD Candidate. Literary Theory and compared literary studies. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Dissertation: Dictionary of female adversity.
  • 10/04 - 09/06: MA in Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies (history critique). Birkbeck College, University of London, London. Dissertation: The dialectic of incommunicability: Violence and the political-mythological language in Colombia.
  • 09/96- 05/01: BA in Literature. Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Dissertation: The historical-social and aesthetic significance of “Notes of the Underground” by Mijail Dostoievsky.
  • 10/99- 05/00: Minor equivalent. Studies of Journalism. Centro de Estudios Periodísticos (CEPER). Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.


  • 06/16: Certificate in Manejo de CVLac and GroupLac. Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá.
  • 06/15: Certificate in How to encourage conflict resolution through education. Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá.
  • 06/14: Certificate in Education for social justice and citizenship. Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá.
  • 02/09 - 10/09: Certificate in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Quality Schools. William Glasser Institute, California (under the supervision of Fundación Elegir, Bogotá).
  • 08/07: Certificate in “Non- violent intervention in crisis situations (for secondary school children with behavioural problems)”. Tower Hamlets, Crisis Centre. London.
  • 10/06 - 12/06: Certificate in Introduction to British Sign Language. Deaf Association. Cambridge.
  • 09/04- 12/04: Certificate in Camera and Video Editing. Four Corners, London.
  • 10/03 -05/04: Certificate in Modern Literature. Birkbeck College, University of London.




  • English teacher. Kingsbrook Idiomes, Barcelona.  
    In charge of:
    • Children lessons (A1 -B2)
    • Adult lessons (A1- C1)
    • Exam preparation (KET, PET and FCE)
    • Evaluation
    • Reports
  • Associate Professor – English. Language Centre. Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá.
    In charge of:
    • English level 3 (B1), Evaluation, Lesson planning
  • Assistant Professor – English. Faculty of Education (SP, EN & FR Programme). Universidad de la Salle, Bogotá.
    In charge of:
    • Language and communication I (B1)
    • Language and communication II (B2)
    • Pedagogical practice (C1)
    • English culture and postmodernism (C1)
    • Research strategies (C1)
    • Literature I – English (C1)
    • Literature II – American (C1)
    • Materials design (C1)
    • Intercultural Communication (C1)
    • Lesson planning and syllabi preparation
    • Evaluation
    • Research tutorials
    • Language tutorials
    • Teaching seminars
    • Evaluation committee
    • Curriculum committee
    • Research activities and academic production
  • Associate professor – English and Spanish. Universidad EAN, Bogotá. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.
    In charge of:
    • International business English (C1)
    • Basic English I (A2)
    • Basic English II (B1)
    • Contemporary American Literature (C1)
    • English for children (B1)
    • International culture (C1)
    • Organizational communication (Taught in Spanish) 
    • Lesson planning and syllabi preparation
    • Evaluation
    • Teaching seminars
  • Lecturer - English. Uniempresarial, Bogotá.
    In charge of:
    • International business English (C1)
    • English I (A1)
    • English II (A2)
    • English III (B1)
    • Lesson planning and syllabi preparation
    • Evaluation
  • High School teacher – Spanish. Colegio San Carlos, Bogotá.
    In charge of:
    • Seventh grade Spanish language and general literature
    • Eight grade Spanish language and Colombian literature
    • Group mentorship (seventh grade)
    • Evaluation
    • School meetings
    • Parent meetings
  • Associate Professor - Language. School of Business Administration. Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá.
    In charge of:
    • Strategic communication
    • Reading strategies
    • Lesson planning and syllabi preparation
    • EvaluationEvaluation
  • High School teacher - English. Rochester School, Bogotá.
    In charge of :
    • Tenth grade English language and general literature
    • Eleventh grade English language and English literature
    • TOEFL preparation
    • Group mentorship (eleventh grade)
    • Evaluation
    • School meetings
    • Parent meetings



  • English Trainer, language coach and translator for companies. Trivière Partners, Barcelona.
  • Business English trainer for companies. IOE Business School, Barcelona.
  • English/Spanish Interpreter. Faculty of Philosophy. Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá.
  • Evaluation designer in charge of designing the university ́s English proficiency test (b1) and preparation strategies to take it. Language Centre. Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá.
  • Proof-reader, translator and educational content developer. Editorial Magisterio, Bogotá.
  • Proof-reader, translator and text evaluator. Escriba, Bogotá.
  • Reader at Noveno concurso nacional de cuento “Colombia Cuenta” (2015), Bogotá.
  • Proof-reader at Project Integración y mejoramiento del sistema de difusión y divulgación del conocimiento generado. Editorial de Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.
  • Freelance proof-reader, translator and educational content developer. Editorial Santillana, Bogotá.
  • Translator (legal documents for micro-finance development in Colombia) and English coach for the CEO and other executives. Opportunity International, Bogotá.
  • English coach for executives at CitiBank, Davivienda Bank, Cisco, Helm Bank, etc. BSR Languages, Bogotá.
  • On-line Spanish coach at Primera Languages, Bogotá - Washington. English coach for the school ́s principal, coordinators and teachers from Colegio La Montaña, Bogotá.



  • 01/2019: “Reflexiones sobre didáctica y pensamiento interdisciplinar en Colombia” in TIC e innovación social para el desarrollo del pensamiento interdisciplinar published by Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Tecnologías del Conocimiento, Universidad de Zulia.
  • 04/17: Pirela, Johann, Riviere, Andrea ( “Intertextualidad en la formación de bibliotecólogos: una experiencia desde la clase de Desarrollo de Colecciones” in Reflexiones y estrategias didácticas universitarias published by Universidad de Zulia.
  • 11/16: Riviere, A. Contra la Educación. Anthology. Published by Red Educativa para la Transformación Docente Latinoamericana.
  • 05/16: Mancipe, Eduardo y Riviere, Andrea “Modelos pedagógicos y formación ciudadana en procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje de estudiantes de bibliotecología” in Las ciencias de la Información – Miradas desde Venezuela y Colombia published by Universidad de Zulia.
  • 05/16: Mancipe, Eduardo y Riviere, Andrea ( “El diálogo multi-intercultural como referente de sentido en la función cultural de los estudios de información documental” in Las ciencias de la Información – Miradas desde Venezuela y Colombia published by Universidad de Zulia.
  • 04/15: Riviere, Andrea. (Virtualmente) solo en la multitud. Short story in the anthology Cuando Vuelvas de Marte published by Fundación la Cueva.
  • 02/13: Riviere, Andrea. “Las Cartas que Barteleby Leyó”. Short story in anthology.
    “Primera página” prize winner. Editorial Tragaluz, Medellín.



  • 06/14 – 2020: CVLac Colciencias, Colombia. Researcher. Group: Información, desarrollo y sociedad. Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá.
  • 08/16 – 2020: Red Educativa para la Transformación Docente Member. Grow Foundation, Bogotá.
  • 09/16 – 12/16: Participant - “Colaboratorio Interamericano para la profesión docente y la comunidad virtual de práctica de la RIED”. OAS- RIED, Washington.
  • 03/16: Lecturer. Paper: English in use as a tool for autonomous learning.
    XI Encuentro de Universidades Formadoras de Licenciados en Idiomas. Universidad Santiago de Cali, Cali.
  • 06/15: Lecturer. Paper: La comprensión analógica del imaginario social sobre la formación ciudadana para la construcción de paz y convivencia. XVI Congreso internacional de filosofía latinoamericana. Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá.
  • 9/10: Lecturer. Paper: “Ni Muerto has perdido tu nombre”: El espacio, el nombre y el lenguaje después de la tortura. II Congreso Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá.

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